Zcash Client Update (bit old client on my pc)


I have seen that Zcash had a sapling on 29 October. I had my zcash official wallet (on my linux computer dedicated only to this wallet). The version of my client is v1.0.13. How can I update it to latest version? I did not install it with git so simple git fetch & checkout is not an option in my case. I am bit stressed. There is nothing like “I am so late” or something right? I am sorry if this question is being asked too many times, but I looked around and still could not manage to make it work.

Should I follow this guide? I guess downloading latest binary setup file and following the guide like installing new could work. (guide: Debian Binary Packages Setup — Zcash Documentation 5.2.0 documentation )

Also I have backed up my wallet.dat and I also did z_exportwallet. Do I have to do any other backup action ?
I am looking for some help…

Thank you.

If you have a copy of the wallet.dat you can start a fresh node and copy/paste the old wallet.dat into the new 2.0.2 one (being careful which is which)

Alternatively you can export the private keys, and import them to the new node as well.

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Thank you for your response. Let me ask another question if somebody can answer. This was the laptop college gave me and now I have graduated and have to give it back. I have my own pc (windows). I have also bought a ledger nano s in this time. Now I have to transfer my zec to ledger wallet. What would be the easiest way to do this? Can I maybe use my windows pc in this process? Or do I really have to own a version 2.0.2 linux zcash client to get access to my zec? If I need to install newest version zcash cli on linux, how can I remove my old v1.0.13 client? There is nothing in that linux pc and I believe freshly installing the operating system would be easiest and cleanest solution. I have been storing zcash on the wallet on linux pc to make it safe. But now I just need to transfer them to ledger so maybe I do not need linux in this process.

Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

The easiest way would be to update your 1.0.X client to the latest version then send your funds to whatever new wallet you choose (like a Ledger) by generating a fresh address to send to.

But since your 1.0.X Node is out of date it is now incompatible with the network and if you can’t get it to update then your next step is to set up a new Node and transfer the backups to it. Then you can send the funds to whichever wallet you like.

Since you are on Windows you could install a Linux VM and start a 2.0.2 node, then import the keys or transfer the wallet.dat. Or there is a Windows version of ZcashQT wallet that you could transfer the funds too. Zcash Wallets - Zcash Community