Zcash Community Summit - Postponed

I’ve deleted an announcement about the Zcash Community Summit, originally planned for tomorrow. We need to postpone because a key panelist had to pull out unexpectedly for a personal matter. New date coming soon. Thank you for your understanding.


Hi everyone, I’m just posting here a slightly more detailed explanation for why the summit had to be postponed. Jack from Zcash Foundation is going to be out for a little while while dealing with a tragedy in his personal life. We’re giving him space and respecting his privacy for the time being, and ask everyone here to do the same.
In the meantime @Alex_ZF is taking over for most of his responsibilities, including staying in contact w/ ZOMG, and the ZF board is available to be supportive as well. We’re currently working out the details around rescheduling meetings and the pending zomg deadlines. Thanks for your patience!


To explain why I requested that the ZF-ECC meeting be delayed (and to pre-empt any speculation).

Shortly before the meeting was originally scheduled, my wife passed away after a long illness.

I’d like to express my gratitude to the ZF team and Board, the ZOMG Committee and the team at ECC for their support, sympathy and understanding.

I’ll be easing back into work gradually over the coming weeks.