Zcash CPU mining poor performance on server device

I have a dell laptop quad core and get about 7 Sols/s 8 GB memory both memory and CPU are maxed out at 100% … I bought a server that has two quad core processors and 16GB memory and was thinking it would double my Sol/s … however it does not … I’m only getting 6 Sol/s … and ideas?

dont CPU mine, its not worth the power!

Couldn’t agree more. Buy a RX480 (approx $200) and get 260 sol/s or more which is many times more than you will get from your new server CPU mining.

If you are going to mine with a CPU be sure to add these lines to your configuration file:

genproclimit=4 equihashsolver=tromp

Where genproclimit= (your number of CPU cores)

Depending on the CPU you will likely Max out around 30 Sols/s. As the other guys mentioned, a GPU will get you 10x more Sols/s and probably use less power.

I still have five servers and four more in the warehouse that have multiple CPU’s in them. I’m concerned that the Claymore’s mining software is not taking advantage of the separate CPU’s that are installed on the server.

Question 1: Will Zcash miner run on MS Windows server? or maybe the server can run Windows 10, not sure yet. This will also cover off another question I have about GPU Mining … I found a type of NetworkAttachedStorage (NAS) servers that have a heap of PCIE 16x slots in/on them … would Claymore’s mining software run on Windows Server hardware and be able to identify the PCIE cards in the slots?

Question 2: Does the Claymore Zcash miner work effectively on a server with multiple CPU’s … meaning is the software meant to take into account the multiple physical CPU’s and not just virtual ones?

I have moved on from CPU mining (into GPU mining) but if I could put these old yet good servers to use I would like to do so.