Large mining software up to 480 h/s with 2x Rx 480

This software has undergone some modifications, it works perfectly looks the photo, doubts in the configuration, speak with me.

and? 20 chars it must be

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linux or windows? ....

Platform windows, and Claymore's ZCash AMD GPU, with few improvements


Claymore is closed source, can't improve it

Come on mate are you for real?
Show us your miner at work

It's only like 180 sols average per card. Nothing special...

What did you improve the miner or the VBIOS? As @adaseb said, claymore's code is closed source, but there are tools for hacking the VBIOS.

One could apply some disassamble magic on Claymores miner to redirect DevFee.
And I speculate that the miner performs faster while mining DevFee. Looks like it is pushing more shares at this state, at least in the terminal. If one could lock the miner in this state it could mine faster. (speculating here)

But the antidebugger on Claymores does a good job. :wink:
At least Scylla and Titan fail. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Can you share ur settings with me

You will see more shares when Claymore mines dev fee as difficulty drops so lots of shares but worth less, we can speculate about his miner and speed he has available and speeds he releases to us and it would make sense in a business model for him to sell fastest miner to farms and release something slower for home miners,Nerdralph has said with rx 470 should reach speeds of 300s/s when optimised and he would know been a legend in a developer sense and there is no reason why Claymore would not have reached these speeds already and I suspect big farms are seen these types of speeds for some time, Claymore has a following over at bitcoin talk who are fearfully loyal to him and treat him like a god :joy: He is a great developer but makes no sense for him to release his fastest miner to a small group of hobbies miners with the big bucks in dealing with farm owners,I suspect he sells fastest miner to big farms and controls speeds of home miners with slower speeds just slightly faster than competitors which would keep everyone happy,Nerdralph has indicated he will work on his own miner and release with dev fee (closed source) and this could be a game changer for home miners with speeds big farm owners pay to keep private but this is always a double edged sword as difficulty will go up and rewards will go down,I am off the opinion that we should all have access to same speeds and those willing to invest more in hardware and infrastructure would benefit from there investment.

You are very right!!!
Please share with me when @nerdralph is out

No problem will make a thread here when he has released his miner

I suggest that Claymore and all miner developers, have to think a little bit green , more shares on less energy , makes cryptocurrency more environmental friendly, otherwise will fall in the same sin, as bitcoin which I recall an article in 2013 stating that 15 usd equivalent of 100kwh is required to generate one bitcoin !
On long term is not about how many ,Is just how energy efficient is. Playing with fee per transaction, will not save the coin,

Yes with faster miners comes more energy costs but I am sure more can be done to optimise miner for better hash per watt although at moment everyone is interested in more speed and costs come second,I wonder who pays the bills in there homes :grin:

If you researched, you would know that any EXE file can be edited with specific programs, but continue with your ignorance thinking you can not do

If you searched, you would know that any EXE file can be edited with specific programs

If you researched, you would understand that Claymore packs the EXE files in a special way so they can't be disassembled.