Zcash Debit Card | Mobile top up with Zcash

Zcash Debit Card

5 Reasons to choose Zcash Debit Card UQUID

Instant load with 0% fee

We do not require for ID or verification.​

You can get unlimited cards with only 1 UQUID account

Our card ships free to 178 + countries with no fees. Typically within 2-3 working days​

Get Easy for shopping at Amazon, Uber, Skrill, Just-Eat, Deliveroo​

Mobile Recharge With Zcash

Instant recharge any mobile phone number in 150 countries with Dash
Send mobile top up to your LOVED ONES or top up your OWN phone
Anytime, Anywhere, Any Network
Customize message want to show for receiver (unique feature)
Customize name or phone number of sender (unique feature)
6 billion mobile phones worldwide waiting for top up
600 mobile operators worldwide accepted​

Other Mobile Services

Instant get Food Voucher and enjoy shopping at Supermarket nearby
Instant get Pharmacy voucher to save time for queuing.
Instant payment for Transportation ticket ( Bus + Train ticket) before you travel
Make utility bill payment including: Electricity bill, Gas bill, Landline bill, TV Bill or Wifi Recharge
PIN- Less Call (US customers) and Bundles Services​


Unity Bills payment + Grocery voucher

Do you deliver these to US addresses?


Hi cascadiacrypto,
I am sorry, at the moment we can not delivery plastic card to US
for Virtual card , US user have to change country name to another country if they want to get a virtual card

  • if you still want card delivery to US you can using mail forward service

Thank you

Mobile Top Up with Zcash

So how exactly does this work? You set up an account, you get given a card, you transfer your ZEC into the card account, and then you can use the card anywhere?

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Avoid like the plague, this is likely a scam.

No ID verification means no money transmitter license - highly illegal and you will likely lose all your ZEC.


yes, you can use ZEC for deposit and instant get virtual card with $1
your card will accepted worldwide

Dear mr trolloniex
Firstly let me explain :
We did issue bitcoin debit card for last 6 month and you can easy find a reviews about our service in bitcoin talk forum:
List of bitcoin debit cards > list of bitcoin debit card on market
【Bitcoin Debit Card UQUID】 Best Bitcoin and Altcoins debit card | 0% Fee Deposit > our bitcoin debit card topic

We offer no ID verification in advance and each card have 2500EUR limit > that is 100% legal. i think you know about that.
We do have license and AML public on our website you can check it out.

if you want try our service please let me know. i am very pleased to give you free card for test our service !

Best Regard

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if you can please check some review our service in bitcointalk forum

Uquid bitcoin debit card reviews > member forum reviews

thank you very much

Please go to google and typing something like " bitcoin virtual card"
you can see our service on second page or first page in 538,000 results

it will very nice if you have time for try our service .


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Sounds cool but I can see why people would and should be wary of this

thanks brookc.

you right,

it will very hard to say if someone only stay away and see !

we can offer free virtual card for any high trusted member in this forum want test our service.

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coinbase does have shift card on there page. and its from these guys
so if you cant trust them makes me wonder if you trust coinbase?

i might order one for coinbase and give it a shot

@frank8292 is there a minimum amount of ZEC you can deposit into the cards account?

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many thank for your question.
our card accepted worldwide and we do not decline or limit with any merchant. i am sure you can use it in coinbase or any merchant accept VISA

you do not have limit of time and amount for deposit to uquid account
but you have limit $2500 for each card (if you want to unlimited, you have to upgrade your card)

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Did anybody try this yet?

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hi upnorthsound,
if you want try our card please let me know


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