Zcash Debit Card

Hi all, what debit card would you recommend to actually convert ZEC to USD to actually spend my coins in shops? Currently using Wirex but it seems that the transactions are really high and conversion from ZEC to BTC also quite high using shapshift

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ShapeShift is convenient, but you’ll get the best rates on an exchange such as Kraken, Poloniex, etc. I have a Bitpay card. The charges are reasonable, but I don’t use it much.

You may find this a useful resource. It’s not entirely accurate but provides a good overview of what cards are out there: Bitcoin Wallets Comparison - Rank bitcoin, ethereum and multi crypto app's by features and platforms and compare BTC debit cards & prepaid cards | CryptoCompare.com

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Thanks for the info. When using exchanges how do you get your funds out that you sold? Will they automatically be deposited to a bank account or will you have to withdraw it to a bank account? Totally noob here so have no experience on those exchanges

I manually withdraw funds. I haven’t yet seen a mechanism to automatically do so. It appears Coinbase allows you to schedule funds withdrawals.

I’m using UQUID Debit card, they allow direct deposit in multiple currency’s such as ZEC.

  • Can choose between plastic card or virtual, and USD and Euro.
  • Can load upto $2500/€2,500/£2000 per Card until verification or get a new card, all that’s required is that it’s registerd to another email.

Working perfect for me since my “main” cryptocurrency’s are Btc, Zcash and Dash.

Can read more on https://uquid.com

Read nothing but negative reviews so kinda put off from purchasing.
Only thing keeping me interested is their integration of alts; most companies issuing visa debits are one trick ponies, ala bitcoin only.
Can I ask how long you’ve been a user and if you’ve had as much issues with support as that of others?

I was pretty concern first as well, but since they pretty much was the only one who accepted so many currencies I’d give it a try.

Was using ShakePay befor since they accepted Dash, but then they lowerd the maxiumum deposit for each card to 1000 USD I think it was, I changed to UQUID.

Haven’t had any issue with support or the service it self. They recently updated the deposit functionality and now I like em even more :slight_smile:

I’ve been a user for about 2 months now.

Not even heard of shakepay. Only used bitpay and cryptopay.
After reading ^ you’ve now got me sold. Just ordered a uquid :sweat_smile:

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Hehe, shakepay aint that “famous” just came out of beta and accepting BTC, ETH and DASH. To bad they lowerd the maxium deposit limit for each card, other then that they were great.

Hope you get as good experience of Uquid as I got :slight_smile: please share what you think when u got started!

ofc. I’ll update the thread after 3-4 weeks use just to reassure any others who were formerly weary on purchasing :slight_smile:

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Sounds like a good time to make up a review! :slight_smile: goo zcash :zcash:

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hi all any news about the
uquid card for zcash could any of you provide some info if the card works in EU ATM without problems ?

I am not sure if they were effected under the Wavecrest / Visa thing that happened. I am pretty sure UQUID is with Wavecrest as well… many BTC cards in Europe no longer work due to this. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/01/05/some-cryptocurrency-backed-cards-dropped-from-visa-network.html

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as per there info board they already shipping cards from different card issuer

therefor i ask if someone can share some info from personal usage

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so does it work or not in EU?

How about something in the US?

apparently they doped the card support for now they have no supplier

Anyone think a Zcash debit card would ever happen? Not sure if anyone here had the Xapo Bitcoin debit card back in 2014 days. You could load BTC directly to it and spend it without having to sell it for USD first. It was converted upon swipe or use of card. This would be excellent to have for ZEC.

Credit and debit cards let money flow both ways, but crypto is immutable once spent. It works fine when the crypto flows one way, but making it flow the other way (charge backs, theft, fraud, etc.) is difficult.