Zcash Debit Card | Mobile top up with Zcash

any bad experience with cloud mining or debit card you got ?

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I am very interested in this card. Can I use z-address, anonymous address, to load the amount?
Is this card only can use to load money by zcash?

thank you for your question
z-address for deposit is random address and valid for time you deposit only. therefore, it is anonymous address
Our card mainly support for bitcoin. we started accept Zcash and another 38 crypto currency from last week only.
If you have another question please let me know

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How much for a physical debit card to UK?


it is £ 9.99 and it take 2>3 working days
More detail about fees please check out at : Fees | UQUID

thank you

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How is this anonymous as you provide your address for a CC card :slight_smile:

why does the website look that bad? : S
have anyone tried? everything seems “very easy” if you know what I mean…

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Cloud Mining is mostly a scam which takes advantage of new people, technically inept people, or lazy people.

Many debit card offers are just to steal your identity.

One is wise to be wary of any such offers and INVESTIGATE before forking over money or identity info.

as far as you got an address ( not junk address) your card should be work fine and you can issue as much as you needed

does it work in china? china is a really huge market

Does this physical card ship to India?

Isn’t this contrary to the whole point of a cryptocurrency? How does this not reintroduce a middleman in the transaction? In other words, why not just use USD, EUR, etc.?

yes we do support for china as chinese language

physical card shipping to India available?

i am sorry but at the moment we can not direct ship to India.
India users still can using our Mobile Recharge service or get Virtual Debit Card

Can anyone confirm if that’s legit?
Can i just walk into any store in Slovenia, that support paying with VISA on POS terminal and it will work?


we did public all information about our service and you can easy find on our website

yes you can load from POS or any merchant supporting for loading card

so many fees involved… the monthly fee is kind of turn off for me…


iwant get one virtual but NO FEE DEPOSIT is instantlny or for all time ! ?

and zcash desposited is disabled ? i cant deposit with zec

and what is the fee of change devise gbp to usd

ppl for exemple the orde is in gbp and mu virtual card is usd how is the fee of change

thank you

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Yes , we offer free deposit for all time
zcash temporary not supported but will work back in next few days

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