Uphold Debit Card - twitter campaign

We should all make an effort to get Uphold to integrate Zcash into their debit card. If we start a community twitter campaign maybe we can get their attention. They have almost every major crypt0 on there besides Zcash. Imagine being able to send your ZEC to a debit card and spend it in real time, its converted at the point of sale upon swiping the card. This is the only card that does this right now as far as I know, besides TenX which is not available in the USA. I remember Xapo card back in the day was the first debit card to do this, with Bitcoin only…then it got canceled sometime in 2016. After that there was the coinbase shift card, now canceled also. Uphold is the first debit card that does this recently available as far as I know. I believe it would be a huge benefit to the ZEC eco system if we can get integrated with them. It would allow those of us who are earning ZEC on a daily basis to still hold our ZEC and spend it when needed.

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This is a great idea!

Do we know why they don’t accept Zcash yet?

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