ZCash Desktop GUI Wallet on MAC OS X

@anon47418038 here is another push, referenced your issue too

thanks! that’s a big help

Okay, it sounds like the next step is for the company to set up a Mac OS X buildslave and hook it up to our CI system. I’ll open a ticket with the company-internal infrastructure team.

Okay, I opened the ticket. I’ll let you know what happens next.


Thank you very much! Windows is in a similar boat, but with a slightly different set of challenges. Its cross compiled, so it needs a linux builder (which you guys of course have :slight_smile: ) but then it needs a Windows VM to run tests on…and I need to get the gtests working again on Windows, as something along the way broke the test suite’s linking as zcashd was made to finally work :frowning:

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Okay I opened an internal ticket in the Zcash Company to set up Windows CI infrastructure. I’ll let you know wen we make progress on it (or close it with wontfix or whatever).

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awesome, as always if there are any questions by zcashco engineers about issues getting it going I’m available to answer them and lend a hand

Hey @anon47418038 - sent a tiny ZCL donation to you a few mins ago - unfortunately I don’t have much crypto around. Maybe other Mac users should do the same too?

Would be great if we get support from ZcashCo on the Mac platform. I ceased mining with the MacBook Pro but that machine is my workhorse and a Mac client is very convenient. I was still OK with 1.0.4 but the vulnerability announcement made me a bit concerned. Fingers crossed!

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thanks, working on getting 1.0.8-1 out for mac right now!

Seriously, the QA required for this kind of development is staggering and Apple makes CI for OS X a real PITA. It’s not asking much for Mac users to step up and fund a build bot.

@anon47418038 Have you considered selling binaries of the GUI client for $5? The source should, of course, always be available for those too cheap to pay for the GUI client. But it’s totally reasonable for users to help defer the costs of development, especially if that incentivises development.


CI on Mac is especially problematic, as virtual machine providers with apple hardware don’t just grow on trees, and are expensive (as is having one’s own hardware for it). ZcashCo now have a ticket opened by Zooko to setup Mac CI, but I have no idea if/when that’ll happen, and if I’ll have write access to it.

And it sucks to have to be doing all Mac development and testing on my 2012 macbook :frowning:

Greater awareness & donations would help. Is the zCash Foundation incentivising this kind of development activities?

not right now, they are still getting themselves figured out

maybe I need to run a donation drive for mac and windows hardware!


For mac you can rent from https://www.macincloud.com/ or hook up a hackintosh. For win you can use virtualbox on any os. So it’s not a matter of cash funding. It’s a matter of creativity with your own hardware.

We could use ReactOS for Windows builds :laughing:. It’s self-hosting using VisualBasic and everything!

I have access to Windows test VM’s in the cloud, as does ZcashCo, its a matter of getting it all hooked up to their (or my own) CI plumbing