ZCash Desktop GUI Wallet


This is because recent transactions have not been confirmed by peers.

You can use

zcash-cli z_gettotalbalance 0

To see the "unconfirmed" balances while you wait for them to be confirmed


The GUI wallet currently users z_gettotalbalance without parameters - this is a problem (users may perceive temporarily that their balance is lost). Will be fixed!


I check for differences between the result of both.
If the unconfirmed "balance" is different than the confirmed, I show the unconfirmed balance with a special note.


The problem with the temporarily lost balance that comes back after confirmation is now tracked as an issue: https://github.com/vaklinov/zcash-swing-wallet-ui/issues/2

Fix coming in 1-2 days...


How about the windows wallet . I'm grateful if somebody give me the link window wallet
Thank community.


The ZCash desktop GUI wallet is for now Linux-specific (internally calls some Linux commands). It may also work out-of-the box on OS X but I have not tried it. When ZCash starts supporting Windows officially, the wallet will be adjusted to support Windows too (no principal problem).


I am so happy to be able to come to this stage with the GUI running, with some help from xming. Thanks a lot to everyone for their help.


Just compiled and it's beautiful.

Just notice on the guide, there is no user folder,
cp ./build/jars/ZCashSwingWalletUI.jar /home/zcash/src
instead of
cp ./build/jars/ZCashSwingWalletUI.jar /home/user/zcash/src

So when mainnet launched, we'll just have to copy the same jar file to the /src and run it? Maybe possible to add the block height and difficulty on the gui?

Well anyway thank you very much dev.


well done. Great work


The ZCash beta guide does not define absolute paths. Users may this end up with ZCash compiled in any folder /home/user/dir1/dir2/etc//zcash/src depending on how they use the terminal. That is why the ZCash GUI Wallet guide specifically defines it as:

Not exactly. When ZCash is released the ZCash GUI Wallet guide will be updated with exact instructions, but comes down to ... copying the JAR file to where zcashd/zcash-cli are ...

Yes - it is possible, but for now it would be a low-priority feature. Maybe after launch :wink:


Thanks I got my balance back


I saw somewhere that there was successful attempt to run this GUI under Win10 using provided *nix support, but can't find this topic/post now :sa:
Anyone who tried this?


running fine on Debian 8.0 "Jessie".

Rem: the "default-jdk" package has installed the "openjdk-7-jdk" package (and dependencies).

Still haven't been able to play with coins cause I don't have any. So if someone could send me a few to play with, that would be much appreciated. :wink:

@vaklinov Awesome job! Thank you very much!


PS: My mother tong is French so if there is somebody who want to talk this language we might create a forum for them

My test addresses:




You could use the XMing X server for Windows.


Test coins exchange thread: https://forum.zcashcommunity.com/t/please-send-me-some-testcoins/851

BTW: Wallet encryption is not stable. A zcashd crash is a possibility :wink:



I'll keep it as it is for now (just for testing purpose. Who knows, he may not crash at all and if it does, I still could share some precious info). :wink:


This looks much better.


@vaklinov Do we have any option to send all mined UTXOs to zaddress in single click?


No ... not yet. Such an option has been considered, as well as a feature to show more mining information (difficulty etc) in a dedicated mining GUI TAB. This will not be availbale at ZCash launch - I hope I will have time to do it in the following weeks.


can someone help by estimating the following

If network hash rate/s is 169/s
difficulty is 1700
block size is 1000
and your hash rate of mining rig is 2 sol/s then what would you expect or what are the chances of mining a ZEC and after how much time plz can someone explain
lets hope someone can try to explain