ZCash Desktop GUI Wallet



So far so good with this wallet, my experiences with sending to and from different addresses and address types are all pretty positive, the layout is simple to read, the app feels uncluttered.

Sending t-addess to t-address is almost instantaneous. It takes a long old time when you get a z-address involved, I recognise that's a functiona of the zcash daemon rather than the wallet. I'm not using particularly high end hardware for this stuff yet. The progress bar is an important touch, even if it's not accurate. :slight_smile:

One feature that I would like to see added for the mainnet, when time allows, would be a link out to see the block containing the transaction in a block explorer. The additional info people are asking about, block height, difficulty, etc might be a nice addition, but I don't think there's any rush. I also like the idea of keeping the interface uncluttered. (Maybe if/when you add this, you can choose to enable or disable additional information in application preferences.)

As it currently stands, I will most likely use this application with main net, so I'm clearly pretty impressed.

Haven't looked at wallet encryption yet. Let us know how development progresses. It might be sensible to add a yes/no option to back up the unencrypted wallet before beginning encryption - while you consider the feature experimental... Obviously keeping an unencrypted backup of an encrypted wallet would defeat the purpose of encrypting the wallet in many use cases, so it's not necessarily something I'd expect to see when the functionality is stable...


One feature that would be awesome would be an address book.


even the zcash-cli shows all is lost. I've tried it both ways, and you just have to be patient till your transaction is confirmed.


@vaklinov the Gui Wallet is awesome. Please don't change anything


Great wallet, I did an installation video if anyone has any problems setting it up watching the vid might help.

Any other info I should put in the description for people?

ZCash Swing Wallet Graphical User Interface Wallet Wrapper


I'm using extremal's miner. I'm getting about 17 sol/s. Because this isn't zec, will I be able to see a balance in the wallet?


I am not sure - if the miner is based on ZCash and has the programs zcashd/zcash-cli the GUI Wallet will work with it. Else not. If it does not work you can always import the address into a separate wallet to watch it (z_exportkey/z_importkey).


this wallet gui seems to be working but just checking if it needs any updates for mainnet?


I am about to test with main-net within hours... ZEC is still too expensive to buy for a test :wink: and I have not fully set up my miners yet...


ok thanks, ill await your testing


Announcement regarding ZCash release 1.0

ZCash has been released. The latest version 0.29-beta of the ZCash Desktop GUI Wallet has undergone basic tests with it and it works. Users are encouraged to use this version... those who encounter issues not listed in the list of known issues and limitations, are welcome to report them in the issues section.
There is more work planned for the upcoming weeks like the fix for showing outgoing Z transactions and various new features (like information of network/mining etc). So stay tuned and check for new versions in the coming days... The fun has begun!


I also tested it earlier today and can confirm it works! Thanks vaklinov!
the network was very slow though, took me well over an hour, maybe 2 to receive my funds.

Zcash Pool- Zcash.flypool.org

The ZCash implementation currently has am issue #1705 with main-net Z->Z transactions that sometimes do not get confirmed for hours... or longer. The problem is not 100% clear yet.


yeah i learned that the hard way... thought I lost my first mined ZCash for a bit

Pretty good, in about 12 hours I mined with 3 980ti what I would normally mine in value with 16 AMD GPUs mining Ethereum!


How long until my Transaction that I received is "Confirmed"?
its been in my wallet for hours now, but its still not confirmed? i want to send it to an exchange :slight_smile: what do I have to do?

when i try to go to send in the gui, it wont let me, says no addresses have a confirmed balance.... yet it shows it is in there

do i need to "confirm" my address that zcash created some how? did i miss that step in wallet creation? thanks


Confirmations are a feature of ZCash itself, not of the GUI wallet. When ZCash confirms the transaction/balance, the GUI will show it as confirmed :frowning: As noted, I have the same issue with some of my funds in limbo for 6h+ already. I think the right place to complain is here: https://github.com/zcash/zcash/issues/1705
The GUI wallet shows an unconfirmed balance (in orange color) and the actual confirmed balance in a tool-tip. By design the GUI will not allow you to spend unconfirmed balance. If you absolutely must do so, please use zcash-cli directly with a z_sendmany command - I am not sure that will work but if you need your money urgently it is worth a try.


cool thanks for the info, yeah i knew it wasn't something to do with the GUI but something to do with zcash, just wasn't sure if I missed something or had to confirm it myself - ok good to know it will autoconfirm after a while. I will try to raise an issue on git later if its not already done. Thanks again V


The issue is already reported in Git (link provided - issue 1705). To make sure the GUI + ZCash work on your node (except for this Z transactions issue) please try to send cash from one T address to another T address in the same wallet. If it works and gets confirmed then "ZCash generally works for you" :wink:


ok ill try that when i have some more funds to send thanks


Hi all,
I am using the GUI wallet but the blockchain sync is stuck at 0%.
Is this normal? How can I solve it please?