UI Design Refresh for Z.cash Website

Hi guys, I am a UI designer IRL. Have been a contributor to several crypto projects and DAOs. I stumbled upon the z.cash website recently and felt as though there is much to be desired. The website could use a modern refresh that markets Z Cash to the best of its ability. I would be happy to work on this. How can I get started?


z.cash is managed by ECC. You can reach them on their website. iirc z.cash is not open source and doesn’t currently accept community contribution.

If you want, you can also work on something novel for Zcash and apply for funding by Zcash Community Grants (ZCG). Check out https://zcashcommunitygrants.org/ for more details on ZCG and what they would like to fund. Cheers!


@zooko need any help?

Hi @frankcostanza , coincidentally, I’m in the process of rebuilding the zcashcommunity.com website. It needs a refresher even more than z.cash :sweat_smile:

Do you know WordPress?


Very much so. It the first thing that people see when they search Zcash and it looks drab, bland and boring.

No one seems to care…

Cant we get a real Web Dev to build the website from ground up? Not using Wordpress! Do we have some money to spare for a slick and modern website for z.cash that doesnt use wordpress plugins? While we are at it, could we get a refreshed, uniform branding design? Even scam coins have better websites than Zcash…

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I totally agree. I’m willing to help within reason.

I second that, that would be cool.

You can’t argue with that, I’ve seen it in person.

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Agree, if the site is static it’s better to have custom HTML, but for sites like Zcash Community where we can have multiple editors and authors publishing content WordPress is hard to beat.


Z.cash should be a custom website built from ground up, IMO! Zcash community perhaps is a better fit WordPress tho imo it should also be custom. There are tens of thousands of companies that make custom websites. If ECC wants they could have a shiny slick sleek website and modern uniform branding. Alas, it is not a priority or they arent so interested.

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Hey! Do you have a telegram?

I can create an entirely new website from scratch with Webflow. Am willing to do it. Know how I can go about this?

Is he the current designer?

By custom I mean custom code. Not using a no-code website builder.

@zooko Did you design z.cash? :wink:


I mean what difference does it make as long as it’s functional and works better?

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Ahhhhh… a custom website is even more functional and no a wordpress website doesnt work better, it is extremely bloated. I disagree that as long as its functional its fine. This is the first thing people see when they research Zcash. This should be much more than functional, no? It should be an eye-catching slick website IMO.

Ye, I know no one cares…

To put another way as much thought and effort should be put into the z.cash landing page as was put into https://halo.electriccoin.co/.

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@JRGB Please give a few examples of what you consider “best in class” bespoke crypto websites?


Hi, all. Head of ECC Growth Marketing here. :wave:
We’re looking at z.cash and a possible rebuild/update process for later this year. That could take shape in several ways, but in the meantime, I’d be interested in thoughts about:

  • who this site is for and what its main objective(s) should be
  • what other projects/organizations in the space are doing web UX well, and what you like about them

I’m also open to continuing this discussion in a more interactive venue.


My take:

Who this site is for and what its main objective(s) should be?

What other projects/organizations in the space are doing web UX well, and what you like about them?

  • I think most people know ethereum.org and their awesome efforts to showcase community-generated contents including thousands of volunteer translators. Also, while I think the project is a joke, Shiba Token website is great in that they show everything that you can do in the ecosystem on the homepage, not making people jump into hoops to find out what they can do with Zcash. You want to learn more about Zcash and why it’s important? Here is the Zcash docs for you complete with subs in multiple languages. You want to buy Zcash? Here is the list of the exchange, even better, here is the link (will need some kind of geo-filter to make sure you only show what’s available in the user region). You want to use Zcash? Here is the list of apps that uses Zcash or accept Zcash payments. Also, I would argue that the schedule page shouldn’t be a page at all. Just put them in the front page, you can keep the page for more details and change logs.

Didn’t ECC have a new Twitter Space AMA program? Maybe we can have z.cash as the agenda for the next one.


Helpful, thank you!

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