Zcash Exchanges Thread


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LZF.com has the following markets: USD/ZEC, BTC/ZEC, DASH/ZEC, LTC/ZEC


Bitsquare P2P exchange supports Zcash:


Hi All,

Been watching this project for some time and glad to see its finally coming to fruition, Congratulations to everyone on the team for their efforts. While i am disappointed there will be no ICO i can respect the founders argument as to why this was not used.

Since the optimal mining spec's probably wont be announced prior to golive (i.e is it pointless mining with a CPU over a GPU, If its GPU is Nvidia better over AMD etc) i probably wont be setup to optimally mine on the day of release hence my question:

Will Zcash advise us common folk in advance which exchanges will be offering the coin for sale on launch day so that people like myself can set up accounts and deposit cash/btc into these exchanges in order to procure them as early as possible on launch ?

Also how will these exchanges start off without coins on launch day (if ive read correctly, there is no actual pre-mine/genesis coins, founders will be getting their cut as its mined) will the Zcash founders be providing any of the exchanges with coins to start off with ? Or will the general public have to wait for people to mine them and make them available on the exchanges ?

Thanks in advance.


From what I understand there will not be a single coin in existence until after it is mined on launch day, the entire Zcash system hinges on a Trusted Setup and I believe if somehow a few people had coins to sell prior to the official launch it would destroy trust in the entire system.

Check out this post for more info on the set-up challenges: https://z.cash/blog/snark-parameters.html

So it will probably be some time before it begins making its way to the exchanges.


Yes your right....my concern here is that there is clearly going to be a large demand with no coins, i see a huge pump and dump going on to start off with even with the slow start etc


Knowing in advance that coins will be scarce at initial release your options are:

1) Mine.

2) Join the feeding frenzy and risk becoming the blood in the water.

3) Sit back, watch the show and wait for the price volatility to settle.

Personally, I think the best option is mining - and I also think there's some oportunity for trusted community member(s) with the right expertise and access to resources to make some money by offering others to contribute to their setup and running costs in return for repayment in ZCash.


I agree with you, 2 and 3 are not an option for me personally. The thing is, realistically with my small 100mh mining rig at home i dont really stand a chance in finding a block solo when everyone worldwide including big farms turn and point all their hashing power to this chain effectively leaving the only option 2 and 3. Is there any word on any pools being created to mine this ? I guess getting .something of a Z is better than nothing...


Hi! You are welcome to the Changelly instant exchange ZEC<->BTC or any other crypto!


bitfinex just added ZEC wallet


I just tried to create a deposit address there.. didn't work


there's only "Exchange Wallet" but who cares, you can deposit there, it's a proper one...
well that's my assumption


The deposit wallet is up for bittrex too... but both that and bitfinex generate an address starting with t... doesn't that mean its a testnet address and won't store real zcash?


"t" is transparent address
"z" is hidden


cool! thanks, so they're legit addresses then... nice.


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