Zcash on Bitsquare from day 1

Founder of Bitsquare here…
We have already added Zcash to our supported coins. So would be great to see some ZCashers there!

Bitsquare is a desktop application available for all majore OS using a custom P2P network (similar to Bitcoins P2P network) over Tor (hidden services). But no Tor setup required, it is integratd in Bitsquare. Bitsquare protects your privacy and you don’t need to register. It is open source (AGPL) and not run by a company or VC funded but a community project.
Bitsquare never holds users funds. The funds are either in the users control or in a Multisig (the Bitcoin side).
The exchange process is similar like at LocalBitcoins but fully decentralized.

Bitsquare handles the transfer of the altcoin out of system, that makes it a no-brainer for us to add a new coin.
The security of the exchange is based on the same mechanisms which are used for Fiat exchanges.
2of3 Multisig, security deposit and an arbitration system. Please read the white paper for more info.

If anyone wants to trade Zcash on Bitsquare he simply adds an account for Zcash which requires only the Zcash address and then creates an offer or takes an existing offer for buying or selling ZEC against BTC. The transfer of ZEC is done by the BTC buyer from his external ZEC wallet to the BTC sellers ZEC address.

Hope to see you on our network!



great tool, thx for the hard work Manfred :slight_smile:


In the process of automating quote aggregation from some of the exchanges. When pulling from bitsquare, have already hit countless 301s due to out of date documentation covering the public webservice APIs, plus having hloc() giving ‘Invalid interval parameter’ when calling with interval param set to either half_*, auto, week and year strings.
Can someone responsible for managing the docs update https://market.bitsquare.io/api/ @ManfredKarrer?
And any news for when you’ll be implementing RPC calls support client side for executing trades?

I will let the dev know. APIs are in development. Hope we have something soon.

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hi, thanks for the report.

  1. The hloc API has been fixed to match the documentation.

  2. Can you provide example request(s) that are giving you 301 errors?

  3. An initial bitsquare (app) api is in testing and should be in next major release. It will enable wallet operations as well as making and cancelling offers. The rest of the API to perform and confirm trades will come later.

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by the way, any bugs or issues with the webservice api can be reported here:

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Thanks for resolving hloc!

All of the webservice APIs appeared to be misplaced and are within their own subdir of API, so a ‘/’ must be appended, otherwise you’ll get 301s.

$ for i in 'hloc?market=xmr_btc' 'depth?market=xmr_btc' 'markets' 'offers?market=xmr_btc' 'trades?market=btc_eur&limit=2' 'ticker?market=btc_eur'; do curl -A ' ' "https://market.bitsquare.io/api/"$i -I; done

Btw, I noticed after having checking your repo that https://raw.githubusercontent.com/dan-da/bitsquare_market/master/api/README.md has documented the changes.

Noted, I’ll file an issue or make sure to commit in the future if I come across anything else.

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Sounds promising.
Later as in next 6 or 12 months latest?
Only ask after having came across ticker and orderbook api · Issue #586 · bisq-network/bisq · GitHub, Feature Request: Add RPC Trader API. · Issue #544 · bisq-network/bisq · GitHub.

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ok, I see what you mean. I was dimly aware of that ocurring but since my client code handles redirects internally it was never a problem for me and no one else mentioned it until now.

The redirects were caused by default apache behavior. I’ve added an .htaccess file now that overrides it, so the urls work as documented without redirect if trailing slash is omitted. Also trailing slash still works.

Please give it a try and let me know on github if you find any more issues.


Some libs are capable of handling the redirects internally while others are more strict and less forgiving, so I can see how one could miss the redirect if opting for first.

Just updated my nosetests and am now getting 200s all the way down, so thank you :joy:

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