Zcash Flypool Difficulty

Trying to understand the difficulty settings a little more. I know the default, is 2000 mining on flypool using Claymore.

Using R9 Fury’s

From what I have read, and seen, the higher the difficulty is set the better the chance of return?

So instead of running at default 2k I now have it set for 9k and after 12 hours of running it seems that I have increased my ZEC by 2 to 2.5 per month.

Is there a better explanation concerning difficulty settings and its benefits?

Changing your difficulty simply changes the frequency with which you find and submit shares to the pool. Lower diff means lots of “easy” shares that don’t count for much, whereas higher diff means much fewer “harder” shares submitted to the pool, but they count for more. Higher diff means your miners are spending a little more time hashing, and less time submitting shares to the pool. The pool also benefits, since it’s not receiving as many share submits to be processed. However, there is nothing about changing to a higher diff that’s going to increase your earnings by more than a fraction of 1%. All you’re noticing (with 2 → 2.5 ZEC increase) is the variance (“luck”) of your miners finding shares and the pool finding blocks, as well as the ups and downs of the pool hash rate as a whole.


Well if var diff is like bitcoin, all that means is that your submitting shares quicker vs longer. IE: imagine you are sending 1000 staples in a box, now do you send out 1 staple at a time or wait till you have all 1000 to send at once? In the end its all the same, you get paid the same sending 1 staples/share or 1000 at once. But there are orphans and setting up too high of a var diff could make when you finally send those shares/1000 staples, that 1/2 could be invalid due to you waiting to long to submit the shares and someone else who is shipping the 1 staple at a time found the solution to the block.


Your last sentence really doesn’t make sense, since shares only apply to pool mining. Your sentence is referring to solo mining blocks, it seems to me. Perhaps I missed something.

Solo and pool work the same, you submit shares in x amount of time, now in a pool you are submitting shares same time as someone else is, both working on the same problem. A high var diff would mean while you are working on your shares someone else submits the correct hash for that block of work, and when you finally submit your shares all or 1/2 could be invalid due to the problem/block being already solved. Hence you would not get credit for shares ie: rejected shares.

Hope that makes more sense…


Well, no it doesn’t make sense, since that’s not how pools work. A pool couldn’t care less which miner actually finds the block for the pool. Shares simply represent the amount of pool work you have contributed. Your share proportion of the total shares the pool miners found for a “round” (pool finds block) is the proportion of the block reward you receive. If you’re working with a high diff, and the pool finds a block before you submit it, that share you just found is credited to the next block found by the pool - it’s not discarded or ignored. Solo and pool mining do not work the same, at all. When solo mining, you either find a block, or you don’t; there are no “shares”. Yes, there are solo mining proxies that use shares to measure your mining activity, but those shares are strictly cosmetic and have nothing to do with whether you find a block.

Edit: I over simplified some of this, and yes, you are correct that a share associated with the previous block will be a stale share, and yes, if you’re diif is higher, it does, every so slightly, increase the chance of a stale share. On flypool, at a diff of 8000, I average 4000 shares an hour, and I typically see a rejected share once every couple of hours. So, I can’t say that I see that as an issue.

sorry for begginer question, but how syntax is correct for setting diff thru pass field on Flypool. I tried 2000,4000 or D=64 like suprnova pool, but still see diff on 8000h. I am using claymore miner.

thanks for reply


The reason for this is the “default” difficulty on flypool and I believe all Zcash pools is now 8000, compared to when this was originally wrote it was 2000

thx for reply, but its posible to change it down by pass field sytax ? as suprnova i use param -pass d=diff ?

to my knowledge, no. You can not go below the default threshold. You can go above it, but not below it.

To do it in flypool, the settings is where you would put your password

OK, if minimal diff on flypool is 8000h, than i uderstand it. On suprnova is default variable diff and works pass field parametr for example d=32 get 544H, d=64 1088h …

Should we adjust the difficulty depending on our material?

I have 5 1080ti mining Zcash.

Are there more effective if I setup the difficulty higher or lower ?

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try it, but I don’t think so

you can not adjust the difficulty level below what the pool has set as default. You can increase, it on your end, only