ZCash Claymore changing difficulty

Hi I use ZChash Claymore. I'd like to ask if there is anyway I could change the difficulty of mining?
My bandwith does'nt keep up with all the data traffic when I download sth in the backgroung.

The difficulty is dictated by the network, if you're solo mining, and by the pool your on, if you're not solo. Go to your pool and see what ports they have available for possible choices offered for difficulty; some pools offer that, some don't.

Any miner software you're using has no control over difficulty.

Thank you for your response :slight_smile:

at least on flypool,if you are using claymore or EWBF, where you have Z as the password , change it to 2500 or 4242 or (anything about 2000, which is current default).. you have changed the default difficulty to something higher than what the pool is set to... you are not getting more $$$ but you are helping the pool by hashing a block a little longer (least my understanding of how it works)

That's not true, unfortunately, even though the front page on flypool still says that the pool supports a custom diff specified in the pw field. I used it way back when, when it was working, but the pool disabled it, because someone figured out how to abuse it. If you read through the flypool thread here on the forum, you'll see the whole dialogue. Peter said, at that time, that he would reenable it, at some point, but he never did. It's easy to prove it to yourself just by looking at your miner log and noting the frequency of shares found.

I do not know if if was disabled previously, but it is not currently.

I have my Fury x's (7) set for 8000 and I do 229 shares per hour compared to default where it does 987

I have my 1080's (2) set for 2500 and do 222

Wow! That's weird, because I have left my startup script with the pw set to 8000, just as I did originally (before being disabled), and it looked like a lot of shares, to me, i.e. default 2000 diff. I'll have to check again. Sorry, if it's back on, for saying otherwise. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Check it and, sure enough, the password/diff option IS working on Flypool. Again, sorry for assuming the feature remained disabled.

I know that Supranova suppports different diffs. I'm mining there right now. But do you know any other mining pools that supports custom difficulty ( besides Flypool - I don't trust them, I think they're robbing me :stuck_out_tongue: ) ?

I took no offense, it's all good. We are all here to learn and things change daily!

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Flypool was the recommendation to me, and the first one I have used. To me, I have seen no signs of missing work and I like their web interface a lot better than the others I have seen.

To answer your question though, no I do not know if the other pools let you change the default difficulty. Well other than Nova, and that is only because you posted it.