Why shared down at the flypool?


They increased the fix DIFF from 1000H to 2000H now. Should be this reason why share are half before

I switched to nanopool now.

Is it better? What’s there dif?

Lowering shares across the board mean that your profits will stay the same. As the difficulty is continually increased the share number should periodically drop. This has happened a few times already.

What kinda setup do you have going on there? ;o

Isn’t it?

They paid out 0.01 per hour before change the shares.

That has to do with the overall difficulty of the network increasing/how many ZEC were found.

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oh i see.
but happy now.

Okay. Just so you know, ‘shares’ at another pool may be worth less or more - it’s tied to how the pool calculates work done evenly and depends on the rate of blocks found after pool fees.

Why do you stick to shares? Each share on each pool has different value, so if you’re choosing pool it’d be wiser to look not at amount of shares but on pools block/hour coefficient.

Shares are weighted related to the difficulty they have.
And the share diff gets defined by the pool that gives you a job.

So 10 shares with diff 200 have the same value as 1 share with diff 2000.
Decreasing the amount of shares decreases the overall network usage and overhead due to data transmission.

You can see this for example when you fire up Claymore. The first few minutes the shares are just flying through the terminal, and as the diff gets adjust to your hashrate, the shares per minute drop down. But as stated, you do not get less participation on the pool.


Yes, that’s what I meant exactly, maybe used wrong words :wink:

I tried to say that there’s no reason to start a panic, higher diff = less shares, it shouldn’t be surprise for miners :slight_smile:

Have 1680 h/s ± 0.11 zcash a day?

stat flypool: 1.5 kH/s 1.2 kH/s 200 shares?? , claymores 1680 h/s

Mine on Dwarfpool never on Flypool!!

may i know why dwarfpool ? i haven’t been satisfied but with flypool yes
please let me know your comments

Because Dwarfpool gives u the correct shares

Can someone explain me why the payouts per round drop so badly?