Zcash Foundation Operational Support for MGRC

Here is a description of the operational support that ZF will provide to the MGRC in accordance to ZIP 1014 and the Foundation’s obligations.



KPI’s link is broken

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@antonie Why was 0.5 ZEC taken from MGRC funds on the 20th of November?


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Perhaps a test transaction?

that is correct.

Thanks for the quick response, I get that this is a very small amount, but ZIP1014 is very clear that “(MGRC) funds MUST only be used to issue Major Grants to external parties that are independent of ZF. They MUST NOT be used by ZF for its internal operations and direct expenses.” - As previously mentioned via email, that definition clearly excludes custody fees and, I would go as far to venture, test transactions - and it a minimum I would have expected MGRC to be notified of this test.

In the interests of transparency, can you provide the transaction id where the funds were replaced?


I believe you ment to reply to @antonie rather than me

They have yet to be replaced, but will do so as soon as I can. These funds are NOT being used for ZF purposes, and the test was necessary to make sure all the gears are turning properly on a new, bespoke solution that allows us to accept these funds. All recipients of the dev fund had to do a test as soon as the could. Thank you so much for your patience.


I think there’s a vital KPI missing here - the number of merchants who accept Zcash as payment. There’s not much use for a currency if you can’t buy things with it, and Zcash is uniquely well suited for merchant payment platforms, since IVKs allow the creation of payment addresses and verification of receipt of payment to be fully decoupled from spend authority and the ability to observe how payment recipients then spend their received funds.


To your comment, I would add monitoring of addresses (new and active), as well as add the introduction of zcash into financial structures, as mentioned earlier, zcash can be a bridge for transferring value while maintaining the local currency at both ends, while there is no seller and buyer in the usual form, but there is a volume of transfers (in this mechanic, zcash acts as a control of the anonymity of the transaction)