Zcash Foundation Update • February 1 – March 3, 2020

Originally sent to ZF’s newsletter.

Happy March! It’s almost spring — celebrate with a message on the community-run ZECpages Anonymous Memo Board :zebra::tulip:

Last month, the Zcash Foundation funded several exciting grants:

The Foundation also signed on to sponsor the third ZKProof Workshop, the MIT Bitcoin Expo, and ZK Summit 5.

Speaking of events, you can apply for an invitation to Zcon2, the Zcash Foundation’s annual conference, which will take place on June 22 – 24 in Lima, Peru. If you’re interested in leading a breakout session, please fill out that section of the application!

In mid-February, ZF executive director Josh Cincinnati spoke about Zcash governance at the SustainWeb3 conference:

…and addressed the same topic in a video interview with CoinDesk.

The latest news on Zcash governance is that ZIP 1014 has been finalized.

Last but not least, don’t miss Henry De Valence’s blog posts about Zebra, the Foundation’s ongoing Rust implementation of a Zcash node:

That’s all for now! See you around on the internet.


Hello, tell me how the tor project relates to zcash?
There is nothing in the description of the grant that connects them.

Zcash has some built in support to connect through Tor for some privacy benefits. For more info see

I use this on my node!


Thank you for the answer, not an obvious advantage for such a large payment, you might think it is necessary to expand the functionality, or it is planned but not announced (which would be a complete justification for support, because there are many other things that require support and attention at the moment, and this change is not directly related to the zcash mission).all this is an opinion from the outside.

Zcash needs network security; scalable Tor is the most promising option. See more in this thread: Status of Network-level Privacy Efforts in Zcash


Now everything is clear, it would be very good that explanations for all readers were in the main news, as well as in deeply technical articles. Many people don 't know everything, it’s bad for popularity. The news about the tor should be with explanations of how it will improve zcash, and not just how to upgrade the tor ( a network that does not belong to the zcash network)


I agree, it would be great to have some rationale and context given for each ZF-funded grant.

Ideally it would be included with the funding decision (similarly to the old committee-based ZF grant programs), and then it can be copy and pasted in announcements such as this blog post.