Zcash has a FUD problem

Monero guys are coming in with “helpful” tips on how to make the reddit better, while they are the ones trolling it.

Is gas-lighting against forum rules? If not it feels like it should be.


The topic:

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It just proves my above point: How can you tell you’re in a zcash thread? By the sheer amount of monero shilling.

Imagine a press release where members of the Zcash community got together and donated ZEC to a cancer research foundation. Monero shills would be like: “Cancer isn’t that bad anyway. Monero donates regularly to end juvenile hunger worldwide, and besides, Zcash is awful, 20% dev tax on mining and now they want to move to pos?? So they already have the majority of the coins and now they will earn more just by having more? Also a trusted setup. Zcash isn’t even a privacy coin it’s a scam.”


Now imagine people at the receiving end of those comments giving crapload of money to Monero for the privilege of being FUDed while their “Monero friends” are laughing about them on Monero chats behind their backs (granted, they might be just shit-talking to fit in, but even that tells you everything you need to know about the culture).

It makes you feel hopeless sometimes :pensive:; to make Zcash a success we will need a lot more fighting spirit, but sometimes even basic self-preservation is lacking…


Zcash has a “if everyone thought like me” problem.

It’s great staying in the pool, but unless mechanisms exist to shield traffic coming and going into the pool, what’s the point?

I guess this is my now semi annual suggestion that some sort of zk swap/dex/whatever be created with ycash to begin a robust zk monetary ecosystem of CHOICES rather than simply ONE of foundation/ECC orientation.

Hell, include xmr since this community is stuck in 2018 drama

PS: Still reeling from when a zcash fan favorite dev told me that a centralized exchange was sufficient to go from zcash to ycash one year later. lul x infinity

The forum won’t let me post 4 times in a row on the what are you listening to. Enjoy Antonio Carlos Jobim - Brazil - YouTube

ECC plans to release the Halo Arc for Zcash product suite later this year. With it, we’re introducing “auto-shielding” in our mobile wallet SDKs and unified addresses at the Zcash protocol level. In supporting wallets, these two features ensure your Zcash transaction and balance information is automatically encrypted — Shielded by Default — in the latest, most secure shielded pool.

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There are not such a strong community, since the slightest FUD leads to flight:

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They intentionally took hashpower away from that mining pool because it was getting close to 53% of the total networks Hashrate.

They likely shifted thier miners to a different mining pool, not completely stopping mining because of 51% attack FUD.

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Ok, I’m going to move the Monero ASIC conversation to the mining category since it has little to do with Zcash FUD.

Please feel free to continue to discuss in the other thread:

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So folks advocating more engagement on reddit… @fireice_uk @macro etc. have you upvoted this:

https://www.reddit.com/r/Monero/comments/srua9o/comment/hwxmmo5 ?

I am wondering is there a way I can message the 12 folks that “liked” @macro 's initial post in this thread? Then I could suggest that that set of 12 people could upvote @zooko 's post on r/Monero.

Zcash has zero presence on Reddit and we cannot win any point there… we shouldnt even try to start arguing with anyone on reddit . The huge organized monero trolls will defeat any defense or positive mention of Zcash

Hey y’all,

Quick question here. The Zcash Media folks are drafting up distribution plans for our two funded videos and the question of how to promote on Reddit came up. I am wondering, without having yet done a deep dive in to the Reddit space for Zcash, is it a lost cause to promote there or can a well orchestrated campaign filling reddit with awesome zcash stuff have a chance of turning the tide?

Thanks in advance,



I kinda scrolled through the first 3 pages on Rdt and honestly I’m not really seeing anything I’d call FUD, it probably isn’t even something you should worry about.

Its all about the numbers! Of course we should promote Zcash on reddit but Zcashers on reddit are outnumbered. I would like to see a positive Zcash reddit campaign succeed! Perhaps it will turn the tide.

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Nope, I can’t since I’m banned from all Monero channels after posting stuff like this:


The more fun, enthusiastic Zcash content there is on Reddit, the better. I don’t think we can go wrong adding goodness there.


I second this. @David_Heisenberg Unfortunately for some Reddit is their secondary source of info for crypto. Just let the community know so we can help with our votes :slightly_smiling_face:.