ZCASH in Mexico City?

It is possible there is a group of businessmen in Mexico City who buy properties paying with zcash. 100,000,000.00 approx usd in zcash. it’s possible?

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No, that is not possible yet.

why not its be posible?
There is a group of people offering to pay luxury properties ZCASH and SPURS.
Will they will be trying to fraud??

Because the Zcash currency is not launched. Yes, it’s almost certainly fraud.

ok thanks for your precautions. A group of businessmen in Mexico pretending to buy Zcash. They claim to have Zcash capital from the principality of Monaco. We agreed to see us this Wednesday to start the transaction of sale by zcash. ¿Can you could help us see if it is real or not? What data do you need to check? for resend. Thanks

We can tell you certainly that the Zcash cryptocurrency has not launched yet. Therefore 0 units exist, and anyone offering to sell or buy units is being dishonest.

There may be other things called “zcash” which we know nothing about.

Based on my instinct, that certainly sounds like a fraud scheme.

Also, we cannot help you investigate that particular business deal or offer. All we can do is state what we know about the Zcash cryptocurrency we are developing.

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Well, if you’re gonna buy fake Zcash, I suppose fake Zcash from Monaco is better than fake Zcash from anywhere else!

Estoy en el mismo problema, quisiera ver la manera de comunicarme contigo, parece que hemos sido defraudados y puede ser la misma persona