Zcash is at a low in value, will it go back up or is it dead


Not sure why you say that. 10% loss is already a lot for most investors or miners, and is a huge number for investors. I agree that holding is very different and if what you do is wait until it one day grows properly, I agree. Though some people use their mining rewards to pay bills, and there I understand the concerns and why some switch to, for example, Ethereum.


People who use mining rewards to pay their bills should probably know that there ever increasing market is a dream. The fact that price is below the mean simply implies a normal behavior. Abnormal behavior would be if the price is 3 or more standard deviations less or more than the mean, which is not the case.
People switch back and forth which is also not abnormal. The ones doing so in favor of ETH, hardly can represent the population to make any decisions.
Finally, speaking of the ones who actually quit ZEC, probably should know that

  • returns (price changes) of ETH and ZEC are moderately correlated
  • ETH has higher coefficient of variation than ZEC for those who seek more stable digital coin

Again, the issue is due to lack of analysis. I do support intuition based decision making, however it should be somehow backed by numbers


http://altanga.com/coin/ETH and http://altanga.com/coin/ZEC
Keeping in mind that, ‘It is easy to tell lie with statistics, yet there is no better way to descirbe the truth’ :grinning:


10% in crypto market is like 0% really, in fact % is ill suited as some jumps are times X

you can use some online calculator to see when it becomes non-profitable for miners, you will see that is a long way.

as many have mentions, with zcash it is a long game not a get rich quick scheme as ethereum :wink:


Same here!:call_me_hand:


I think the Ichimoku cloud looks like ZEC is gonna try to break through the resistance soon.


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