Zcash is spendable only once?

Hi all,

I go through Public Alpha Guide, there is no problem to ‘protect’ bitcoins (send to personal zcash address), but I can spend these protected bitcoins only once. When I send these protected bitcoins to friend, he does not able to spend anymore - “exists” always has been false.

a. protect my bitcoins with zcrawpour
b. check protected bitcoins with zcrawreceive. result after 1 block:

    "amount" : 49.90000000,
    "bucket" : "bucket_hash",
    "exists" : true

c. send part to friend, part to me with zcrawpour
d. check result with zcrawreceive.

    "amount" : 39.80000000,
    "bucket" : "bucket_hash",
    "exists" : false

This last ‘exists’ value never becomes to true and can’t do any further zcrawpour operations.

So, questions are - why can’t do any further zcrawpour operations? why ‘exists’ does not becomes to ‘true’ ? or some wrong steps produced?

Don’t believe, that only I have issue with GitHub - Electric-Coin-Company/dev-ci-zcash: dev-ci testing using zcash clone, synced with github.com/zcash/zcash that when perform “Sending Zcash” step, that after this step on “zcrawreceive” step (with new encryptedBucket value) I have expected “amount”, new “bucket” hash and have “exists”:false forever and can’t use these coins in further transactions?

I think the guide is incomplete, you also need to sign and send the raw transaction, similar to the steps at “protecting your coins”. I got it working after running those functions.

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Hi andruha57, did dsbaars advice help you?

I made a ticket to improve the guide: Clarify sending/receiving in the alpha guide. · Issue #728 · zcash/zcash · GitHub

I’ll let you know when I’ve updated that so you can tell me if it helped to make the guide clearer.

Hi nahan-at-least, yes, dsbaars advice helps. Btw, thanks you for advice, dsbaars! :slight_smile:

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