Zcash Media 2023

As you know, as an ambassador of South Korea, I manage an SNS group with 334 Korean members. Most of them have watched the videos created by Zcash Media and have given positive feedback on the quality of those videos.

Zcash Media’s irresponsible actions may warrant criticism, but their product was excellent.

I’m not trying to stir up controversy; I’m simply stating that their product is not intended solely for bots.

Just so you know, I’m not an unconditional advocate for Zcash Media.

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I truly appreciate the work you’ve done for Zcash @AidenZ. I’ve seen some of it, through the social channels where we are connected.

Let’s connect the Zk Av Club to your community in South Korea.

I would love to collaborate with you all and I hear there are excellent related events over there!


For anyone who is curious, why we are seeing different titles for that video, I believe that the title @AidenZ sees is the original title, which youtube uses for translation when a video is published. Changes to youtube video metadata don’t always propagate through the global network.

Note to @37L : There’s a place in the settings for each video, in YouTube, where you can manually enter title, description and tags translations. This will get everywhere, and fairly quickly. I highly recommend asking a human native speaker to check the translation, if you plan on using any kind of machine to do that. And, pay the translation-editing humans, please.


I’d love to help in any way I can. I think this upcoming Friday is too soon. Ideally we want everyone involved in the decision making to be present. That will require some coordination. Also, the Zcash media thread and it’s sub-topics scattered all over the forums is a big corpus of text we would have to revisit.
Maybe May 24th or 31st?

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The committee members have already agreed to be at the Zcash Global Lounge this Friday, except maybe @GGuy because timezones. Today and tomorrow, I am preparing and organizing the information that I can find, with help from other active Zcashers, to guide the conversation in a productive direction, specifically wrt the Zcash Media grant and content.

@pacu you don’t have to co-host, with me, but I would really like to have your presence and input there, if you are able to make it.

@aquietinvestor @BrunchTime @ambimorph @wobbzz

Can you please confirm this for everyone here?

edit: Zcash Global Discord ← The Lounge is in here


Yes I can make it. 16 UTC then. Please send the info you gather my way :pray:


Update to previous announcement:

At the Zcash Global Lounge this Friday @ 16 [utc] we will be joined by Zcash grants committee members, however a request was made to not call it a “retrospective”. So, it’s not a going to be a Zcash Media grant retrospective.

Although we won’t have any videos to screen, I’ve been told that @37L will not attend, this promises to be a useful conversation.

I will continue to collect feedback from community members, as I have been doing this week, in order to formulate a list of questions for the committee members, who join us.

If you have questions or concerns that you would like me to raise, please DM me wherever you are comfortable doing so. Thank you, to the folkz who have reached out to me. Keep doing great work.

See you on Friday, my lovely zeal.


Hi all,

Here is a website (https://www.zcashmedia.info/) that displays our work-in-progress distribution schedule and includes details about our video releases. If we update things on our end, it’ll get reflected on the website. As you can see, we’re getting closer and closer to releasing lots of new content :slight_smile:



This seems like a good idea. thanks for the heads up!

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can we get strong reasonable argument why trailer needs 30 days of waiting still tho?
i guess it has not been made yet?

we could start the hyping faster as market seems to stand quite strong atm also.
im happy to see much more than 18 shorts in the website list. these i hope are part of the milestone 1 right?


Still can not understand matketing tactics with this product…
people are normally emotional, you need only agresive marketing and positive news, to move the price up, in last time onlu positive news move the price that is normal is not mega bull run…
you have superb tehnology, only agresive marketing in social media, you don’t need more… what kind of videos are on youtube with 200 views, you need marketing on this videos too… who is incharged for that…
I don’t want to sound agresive but that is not some enormous stuff…you can do it…

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