Zcash Media 2023

Not to be a negative Nancy, but we need 10,000 little videos for $100 each, not a handful of videos for $1,000,000. I think we could do 10 videos a day for 2 years and at least own the Zcash search term on Youtube, TikTok, Insta, whatever. We need constant engagement, not masterpieces.


we might need both. but it sure is too big of budget in this day for the community for yet unknown impact on world.

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didn’t we already pay the money?
its too late for money discussions. right now we should help to make those videos as viral as possible.
when interest starts coming to Crypto, it will be good to have some professional movies with 500,000 views.
they are good for Youtube Algorithm


These videos work really well. They are high quality and can be broken down into smaller ones if have the desire. As much as we don’t want to believe it, amateurs won’t be able to do anything similar and amateur videos don’t produce a long-term positive effect.


amateur videos do work on tiktok i think. if its very personal. but some sort of amateur videos might yea not work dat great.

its a way more complicated area than most of us know about tho.


Yes and no. Everything is quite measurable and depends on the target audience we want to focus on. If we want to attract long-term investors with big wallets, then short videos on TikTok are hardly enough for them. If the goal is to attract short money from a young audience on the idea “this year ZEC will be 1000$”, then amateur videos will work well.

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I feel bad for throwing out this negative comment the other night. I’m looking forward to the videos and know @David_Heisenberg is doing quality work. I’m frustrated with the state of our media ground game. It’s easy to point frustrations at grantees. Sorry!


If Zcash media was competent, they would run paid ads on the old Snowden video they made once this interview drops:

Here, let me fix that for you without being antagonistic:

“There’s a potential opportunity to reuse the old Snowden video” “Maybe Zcash Media could spend some of their funds on ADs to coincide with the Tucker Snowden interview if it actually exists”, … etc…

The implication of “incompetence” in your post is unnecessary.


No thanks, I’ll use my own words:

Last post on X:

Activity on their YT channel:

Underwhelming to say the absolute LEAST.

It would be nice to see some agility and creativity. Super Bowl ads. Tucker/Snowden… the silence is frustrating. “Media” implies more than just a rare glossy film.

incompetance is putting it lightly imo. time its all said and done theyll have taken 2 million dollars out of zcash ZCG to make 20 YouTube videos. theyve been asleep at the wheel for years now on the social media hubs. ZCG should take over the Zcash Media youtube channel and twitter accounts so that they can be used on a regular basis instead of sitting out their looking like an abandoned building

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wtf, you just stole my thoughts.

As much as I think the price of their videos is on the high side, the original agreement was to make the videos, which they did.

Generating more content for years afterwards on social media channels wasn’t in the project scope of this round either.

So if you want to argue that more/longer social media blitz should have been in-scope then that’s one thing, but the quality of their first set of videos shows that they are more than “competent” at producing what they promised: nice videos.


I disagree. A long-term investor with a big wallet will do their due diligence and see what is going on on various platforms, see no activity on eg Tiktok, see anti-Zcash trolls high in the results on YouTube and conclude that we don’t have momentum or volume, regardless of how nice a single film is.

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They wanted to be called “Zcash Media”. What media company puts out a handful of videos and then hangs up their hat?

maybe we need both

i think this explains it. they started to do Zcash Cinema actually instead.

How many Youtube videos do you actually go back and watch? The world has moved on to short-form content. There is too much content and not enough time.

Again, you are criticizing them for something that they never promised to do.

If I recall correctly, there was discussion about who would “own” the channels themselves. I think at one point the plan was to publish on ZF channels but it was decided to have their own unique channels instead.

Maybe the channels themselves should be part of this whole decentralizing Zcash digital initiative that way ZCG can keep them alive with whoever wants to contribute more content.

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