Zcash Media 2023

Again, you are criticizing them for something that they never promised to do.

If I recall correctly, there was discussion about who would “own” the channels themselves. I think at one point the plan was to publish on ZF channels but it was decided to have their own unique channels instead.

Maybe the channels themselves should be part of this whole decentralizing Zcash digital initiative that way ZCG can keep them alive with whoever wants to contribute more content.

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Happy to see them prove me wrong. Not holding my breath. You can’t just promote things when you think the narrative is right:

Since that’s not how ranking algorithms work. Hint: they work like a credit score (num open accounts + longevity, etc).


:100: %

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I think you might be agreeing with me but the “hint” still comes off as condescending.

I was referencing your quote to pump my point a bit. It was directed to @Shawn.

Lmao. Never mind this grifter.

Strong agreement here. It feels like a major mistake that the ZCG approved both of the Zcash Media grants, but neither of the grants required the grantees to commit to some baseline of ongoing social media engagement.

At the bare minimum, those accounts should’ve been handed over to the ZCG, in order to prevent them from going radio silent for the following 2 years.

Hopefully the ZCG members have taken this lesson, and learned from it.
re: @GGuy @ambimorph

Any grant that creates a social media asset, should have a long term expectation defined (or there should be a hand-over clause).

The Zeme project page and social media account is another example of how things fail, when a grant’s assets aren’t accounted for beyond just the window of their delivery.

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yeah we should have a rule for all grantees

  • wen a project closes its doors it should hand over all data and stuff dat was built/done.

  • so that wen other ppl wanna continue the project they could.

  • not sure how to enforce it tho? maybe it should all be as open source as possible from the start?


There is an agreement in place between 37 Laines and the Zcash Foundation that requires 37L to transfer ownership and control of the Zcash Media channels and any edited or unedited content to the Zcash Foundation if either of the following occur:

  1. If 37L changes the focus of their channels from Zcash to another cryptocurrency or to topics not related to Zcash, with the intention of not covering Zcash-related content anymore.

  2. If 37L stops its business operations or stops running the channels.

37L is still actively producing content for Zcash Media. The team is just behind on their deliverables.


oh i wasnt meaning Zcash Media but every project ever that has so far closed doors like the Zeme pages and Zecwallet for example. bit in wrong topic i guess.

It sounds like you’re feeling angry, and want to be heard. I hear you.


Are you offering or proposing an entity to take on the implied workload? I feel like what you’re proposing sounds sensible, but implies a resource allocation that I don’t understand the details of…

The ecosystem has had the same problem happen on a few (probably many, that I’m not aware of) occasions recently. It seems like a problem of long term planning.

If a ZCG pays for the creation of some sort of asset (whether a webpage, videos, images, an application, et al), there should be an agreement about what happens to that asset beyond the scope of the grant.

Maybe a first effort could be to have the ZCG members agree to function as retainers/ managers for those assets.

@ZcashMedia on twitter would be a great example, it should never have gone dormant for 2 years, especially considering that the 37L team is still doing work for Zcash.

In the interim period, somebody from ZCG could’ve taken temporary control of the handle, and used that as a chance to keep it “alive”

The ZemeTeam page is a more complex example, but considering that its a site that used to generate tons of Zcash memes and interactions, and It cost ZEC out of the ZCG treasury… now its a 404 page. The ball was dropped on that project too.

Another idea would be a rolling RFP, for some third party that is interested and capable of acting as a sustainer for ZCG grant created assets. Their rolling grant could be approved on a quarterly basis, that grant would account for tracking, using, maintaining the rolling blob of ZCG funded assets that still exist (but fell out of the scope of their original grants).

I feel more strongly about suggesting that there is a process/ grants problem, than I do about the off-the-cuff solutions I mentioned above… As in other threads, I’m here pointing at the large gorilla in the room :wink: but I don’t profess to be the zookeeper.

We took over ZecWallet and built Zingo, so that’s worked out relatively well, it would have been smoother if we could have maintained the name…


Thanks, bro. You’re a good person.


I imagine that you and I share some frustrations. I definitely bet everything on Zcash, and a low price is stressful to me.


Anyone knows when the videos are dropping?

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hopefully soon.

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