zCash might become the new prefered Darknet currency

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How about #Monero, XMR?

exactly. surprised $US wasn't swapped out for monero.
not sure how zcash surpassed bitcoin when as of current only less than .03 of the network are using z addresses - see value distribution, https://explorer.zcha.in/statistics

was thinking about including that as well but I thought I'd put it under "others" because we also have Dash that offers enhanced privacy
and lastly twitter only allows you 4 different options

Yeah, they seem biased a bit, and if Monero should be put anywhere, it should be next to or even above Zcash. Just as you mentioned, less than 1% of Zcash network is uzing Z addresses, so privacy not even once, while with Monero, you get privacy from the get-go. Can't wait for Ring CT January :smiley:

Btw, here's a cool subreddit to check out > https://www.reddit.com/r/MoneroVersusZcash/


its worse than that; its less than half a %. blame https://github.com/zcash/zcash/issues/1705

I guess zcash should turn the Z - feature on by default to be honest

Well see, the barebones cli zcash doesn't really have address defaults, seeing as there isn't an option within zcash.conf to enforce z or t addresses.

When more gui wallets are released - currently there's the swing wallet https://github.com/vaklinov/zcash-swing-wallet-ui by @vaklinov - devs should aim to have z-addr baked into generate addr as the default.

Rumor is alphabay is adding ZEC payments


When Alphabay will add Zec payments ,Zec will reach at least 1Btc mark my post

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ZK is the extreme end of privacy standards.

Zcash is the best currency on the market the value of 1 Zcash will be at least 1 BTC

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still only a command line wallet for linux, i dont think any market place will use this yet

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still wouldn't be an official gui wallet?

most people don't use the "official" GUI wallet from Bitcoin Core, now do they? :slight_smile:

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Correct but i hope darkmarkets won't accept it so quick so we can mine more coins otherwise the price will explode and.. the network and difficulty also

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mabye so but doesn't look good they're not wanting to make a gui wallet/