List of darkweb that using zcash for transaction

My hobby is surf on internet. Would everyone here mention or copy paste what website on deepweb or regular website use zcash for transaction. I found lot of web use xmr. Why they not use zcash??

Because 1. DNMs dont understand Zcash. 2. Monero community have control of the privacy coin narrative, so theres alot of lies and conspiracies out there about Zcash. 3. Monero markets itself as the Darknet coin of choice while Zcash has made every effort to stay away from Darknet association. 3. Zcash markets itself as a normie coin. 4. There isnt many websites regular websites that take Zcash. Which is a shame. 5. There is a website Pay With Zcash where you can see where zcash is accepted.


Why zcash want to stay away from darknet?? Is your statement represent zcash community??

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My statements represents my own views. Zcash wants to bring privacy to everyone, while monero wants to be a niche, darknet, reddit, 4 chan coin of choice.

Monero is also set on bringing privacy to everyone hence all transactions being private by default. The sole the mission of the Monero project is private, fungible, digital cash. The approach of Monero and Zcash differ but they’re both seemingly aiming for adoption via use as a currency. The Zcash mission and potential as a currency is more opaque, IMO, given the hard cap on coins, continued talk of z-assets, move to PoS, etc.

Monero panders to redditors, 4chan users, and darknet, infosec types. It seeks to gain adoption there, and has seen great success. Are you saying they are not? Zcash is taking the normie route. Bitcoin but private. The projects are targeting different demographics. The more monero boasts of it being used on the darknet the less normies want to be associated with or use it (read: monero has a bad reputation as being used by criminals). Not a great strategy for worldwide adoption.

I dont see how adding ZSA, moving to PoS, has anything to do with Zcash being real private money.

The deflationary part is a debate that isnt exclusive to Zcash.


Any social psychology is based on social influence and outcome primacy typically is the result of positive reinforcement.

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Zcash has been given a chance to go mainstream as a spendable digital currency (along many other prominent ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc 98 in total) via the Flexa/ SPEDN app. The famous Crypto Chipotle video going around online right now is an example of how it can be done.

Currencies | Flexa

Zcash is live on Flexa. We’ve added ZEC to the Flexa network… | by Flexa | Flexa | Medium

Chipotle Now Accepting Crypto in U.S. Stores (


I don’t know of any options to pay with zcash on the darknet. To date, no one has ever added a darknet listing to the pay with zcash directory. If someone were to add a merchant, they would go through the regular filters to get added to the directory.

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I like zcash. I dont want to discuss xmr in here. I just want to share the community on the darkweb and other community wait zcash to get into it. Zcash is beautiful code coin. Dont be scared get into darkweb. Joke. And proof that zcash is shielded very well from another coin in this world. Not everyone in darkweb is a criminal or bad guy. Perhaps bullied n victim who just want to make friends.

fwiw I don’t see why the “dark web” adoption carries any significant advantage to Zcash. I want my friends to use ZEC for their daily transactions, and the last time I check they don’t use “dark web”.


So you dont have friends use darkweb??

Normal people dont use the darkweb. Normal people deserve and want privacy.

You so judging man. I dont like you

Thank you for your thoughts

I disagree. “Normal people” do use Tor and the darknet. Maybe they’re more slightly more tech inclined than others or have a different thread model, but Tor is a known product.

Zcash is taking the normie route. Bitcoin but private.

Bitcoin was literally adopted as the currency of choice among early darknet markets and, almost sadly, it’s still accepted by a large number of vendors on said markets.

A private, fungible, digital currency is use agnostic. USD is the number one payment method of the shadow economy, yet nobody, rich or poor, has an issue using dollars for whatever transaction they please. Is the USD not the #1 method to purchase drugs, launder money, purchase weapons?.. but the currency itself is agnostic. Same with XMR or ZEC.

If shielded Zcash were to achieve wider adoption do you think it won’t be used to purchase drugs, weapons, abortions, or things with which you might not agree? If so, please explain your reasoning.

I dont see how adding ZSA, moving to PoS, has anything to do with Zcash being real private money.

It clouds the mission. If you’re intent on creating private, fungible, digital cash then creating ZSA (from the same capped supply) or moving to a potentially more permissioned PoS system takes the focus away from the sole use as a currency or, at the least, makes it more complex.

The deflationary part is a debate that isnt exclusive to Zcash.

But it is part of the debate around the feasibility of a cryptocurrency’s use as an actual currency.


Thats what in my head. Thank you for make it clear. zcash will not be limited to just buying ice cream. But till date no one wants to use it on deepweb. do they (darkweb users) don’t believe it? will NU5 open their eyes?i feels this is so exciting moment for zcash. Zcash community please dont allergic with darkweb. I know in this community lots of smart n open mind human. Thanx for respon my anxiety. I have paranoid n anxiety disorder.

Its not about what Zcash is used for. After all Zcash is private money. No one care what ppl use it for. But what you have to understand, every crypto project has a narrative, a story, values, a community who rally around the project. In this regard Zcash and monero are very different.

Yes, but its also used for buying coffee and donuts. Millions of people use USD for everyday use. Why make a coin about illicit use when you can make it about regular everday use? Dont normal people buying burgers deserve privacy too?

No one cares what you use Zcash for. Its who you target in your values and story. How can we bring about mass adoption of Zcash if we were to market ourselves; like monero, as a darkweb/darkweb aligned coin?

No. Zcash will never be limited to be used in a particular way.

Monero has taken 100% of the darkweb privacy coin market share. For whatever reason. I dont see it changing anytime soon.

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I do love monero n i convert all my zcash into it. I realized zcash is failed go into darkweb

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