zCash miner similar to Baikal Miner for DASH

I am not sure if this topic has been covered already but I am wondering if anyone is interested in building a home mining rig that runs as smooth and easy as the Bitmain Antminer or as said the Baikal Dash miner

unfortunately I am not that much into hardware design but I want to see if it is possible to build a virtual team team that builds and distributes a home zCash miner

Any thoughts on this?

I’m willing to contribute as much as I can to this

Those miners you mention are ASICs. They are usually plug and play and you can forget about them. They never crash or need reboots.

GPU mining is a lot more involved and you need some technical knowledge of computers and they crash from time to time and need some rebooting. Not ideal if you have a busy life outside of home.