Zcash Mini-Documentary & Educational Series

Thanks for the update! So excited to see the final result and share them to the world :laughing:

I assume that the video will be published on popular platform like YouTube. Would you guys be open in working with the community to translate at least the Tier 0 video? I think this way the video can be more accessible by everyone who are not English speakers. I believe the easiest way would be to share the English caption file which then can be translated and uploaded to the video. It might be easier to achieve this with platform such as Crowdin but it is not necessary.

My main request here is that can we have an English caption for the tier 0 video? The English caption file would be great for the hearing impaired anyway. In addition, the caption can then be translated and added as subtitles.


Edit: I am willing to coordinate this translation effort if it’s needed.


Thank you for your post @tokidoki.

Yes, we absolutely believe in sharing our films with captions, and will be sure to do that with everything we produce for the Zcash community. And we can work on translations - in the past the number of language translations has been limited by the budget (since we usually need to hire a fluent speaker in order to double check the script translations). What languages are you hoping for?

And if you would like to work with us in any way, please feel free to email us at info@37laines.com

We would love to hear from you.

37 Laines Team


Hello all,

This is an update on the Zcash film team’s progress over the last month or so. We have been traveling and interviewing like crazy to get the most well-rounded perspectives on both the big picture of the crypto ecosystem and Zcash’s place in it. Below is a very brief synopsis of our last month.

We started off our in-person interviews by going to Colorado to talk with Zooko Wilcox, Nate Wilcox, Sean Bowe, and Josh Swihart over the course of 4 days. As you can imagine, we got a ton of great insight into Zcash’s history and predecessors, as well as a deep look into some of the core aspects of Zcash’s technology.

We then interviewed Chris Burniske over Zoom to discuss both the basics of cryptocurrencies/assets and help our audience understand the broad strokes of where we are headed (or being taken!) due to the innovations of crypto. We next traveled to Seattle where we chatted with Michelle Lai about the importance and perception of privacy in different parts of the world.

Just recently, we rounded up our in-person interviews with a multi-city trip. We first went to Boston to meet with Deirdre Connolly from ZF and discussed her motivations for using strong cryptography to protect user privacy, what attracted her to Zcash, and her work on Zebrad. We next drove down to NYC to meet first with Carlos Acevedo to discuss his experience teaching school children about cryptocurrencies through programs like Crypto in Context and how Web3 presents numerous economic opportunities for people of all backgrounds. Also in NYC, we interviewed Amber Baldet of the ZF board about certain aspects of the current financial system work (e.g., banks) and the potential and risks for cryptocurrency in replacing our current system. We last traveled to DC for three interviews. We talked with Alex Tabarrok at George Mason University to discuss the similarities of cryptocurrency innovation to previous major historical technological breakthroughs as well as the importance of Zcash’s technology in bringing privacy to our digital lives. We also met with Ian Miers (founding scientist and ZF board member) to learn Zcash’s scientific origin story and Peter van Valkenburgh of the ZF board to hear about cryptocurrency’s relationship with government and the power (and constitutional benefits!) of being able to self-custody your financial assets.

Going forward, we have a handful of Zoom interviews remaining ranging from people with experience using and teaching about crypto in the Middle East, blockchain analytics experts, and additional economists who believe that the blockchain revolution is indeed a new type of industrial revolution.

We have a lot to do before we can complete Milestone 3 - a completed short documentary on Zcash. Our tentative goal is to finish towards the end of January 2022, hopefully being able to sync with NU5. However, the very last thing we want to do is put out a video that is anything less than stellar. Therefore, we will keep everyone up to date over the next ~month as we delve fully into post-production so that all stakeholders know what to expect.

Thanks to all our interviewees so far and the community for your support!


Great update @David_Heisenberg Thanks! Good luck with the rest of interviews and post-production.


May be a good person to interview for the documentary…


That’s a good idea, I would recommend interviewing the Winklevoss twins too.


Hi all,

We recently completed our Milestone 3 deliverables (social media cutdowns, rough cut of Tier 0 video, and near-final cut of Tier 0 video). ZF has seen and approved the deliverables.

To summarize our work thus far, we created a transparency report/update [Zcash Media 2022 Transparency Report.pdf - Google Drive] for those that are interested :slight_smile: There may be some surprises in there for the avid follower.

The transparency report also contains some information about our Halo video (The Ceremony, Powers of Tau, and Halo Video) and our plans for an upcoming trip to Colorado to get additional interviews with Vitalik Buterin and other prominent cryptocurrency figures.

Thanks for supporting us thus far and we look forward to providing an additional update on our next steps early next week.


Looks great, I am very excited about the months ahead!


Thanks @rekodi ! We are excited too :slight_smile:

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Hi all,

After discussion with ZF and ZCG, we re-arranged the Milestones in our grant to be able to take advantage of a new opportunity to get some high impact interviews for our short documentary.

Instead of Milestones 4-9 being the production of additional small videos, Milestone 4 is now the preparation and execution of our team’s trip to Colorado during the time of EthDenver to collect an interview with Vitalik Buterin and other prominent cryptocurrency figures (Erik Voorhees, Kevin Owocki). We believe including these folks will increase the production quality and broad appeal of our short doc. We have already completed Milestone 4 as of last Saturday by booking our flights to and accommodations in Colorado, as well as lining up the interviews with the help of Zooko :slight_smile:

We also added new Milestones 5 and 6 for post-production to include the new footage from our upcoming trip, as well as perform the finishing touches (animation edits, coloring, sound, etc.) to bring the video to perfection. We split up the final post-production budget into two halves so that we can get paid half up front and half upon delivery of the completed short doc.

Thank you!



Thanks for posting the update and all the best for the rest of your recording trip!


Hi all,

It has been a whirlwind of a week, but we are happy to share that we completed all the interviews we had hoped to capture while in town. During our time in Denver we were able to film Vitalik Buterin (alone and in a fireside chat with Zooko), Kevin Owocki, Erik Voorhees, and another solo interview with @zooko.

Here is a link to some screen shots from this footage:

These screenshots complete our 5th milestone. We will now bring on the editors, animators, colorists, sound mixers, etc necessary to edit this footage into our cut and finalize the videos for release!

37 Laines Team


I don’t have anything of substance to add, but just want to say I’m very excited to hear this and I can hardly wait!


Hi all,

We have premiered our first video! We hope you like it. Although this marks the end of this grant, we also see it as the beginning of a longer effort to create high quality educational content about Zcash and related topics. Please enjoy the video and share widely!

YouTube link: Future Money: What Is Zcash? - YouTube
Odysee link: Future Money: What Is Zcash?

Thank you,

37L Team


Sorry, as there has been some rearrangement to the grants, how many videos will @zcashmedia release (in total with other grants)? Is it only the Future Money and John Dobbertin videos?


Such great content. I just want to say I love it.


Those two videos are the ones covered completely under our current grants. But much of the production for future videos was also accomplished as part of filming for the first two videos. The completion of further videos will be proposed in a future grant.


Is tier 1 part of the proposal?

That was part of the original proposal but not in the revised one, I believe.

Ohh didn’t know that.