New mining pool - testers needed!

New Equihash only mining pool. Based on Z-NOMP. Website has not been modified as of yet (WIP). Added 4 coins as of now - Zcash, Zclassic, Zen, and Komodo. 0% fee until testing is complete, then only 1%. Point your miners to:

Zcash - stratum+tcp://
Zclassic - stratum+tcp://
ZEN -stratum+tcp://
Komodo - stratum+tcp://

Use the appropriate wallet address for login, no password required.

Also looking for someone to redesign website, please email

why does this pool sound so dirty…?

I see people making these new pools and wondering why they do it. why?

Because they think people will flock to their pools and they’ll make a bunch of coins off it. The problem is, the pools that are being used by the majority already have their consistent user base. It will take a unique or excessive incentive to get people to move away from the larger pools.

There are some really good pools that have little to no hash power already. These pop-up ones aren’t going to fare any better.

@nekkidtruth You’re incorrect. I’d be happy to make enough coin to pay off server fees. I’m in this for fun really, just to see if it’s a feasible idea - and it’s working so far, so I’m happy. I don’t, by myself, have the hashpower to generate a block daily, or heck, every month. But let’s say if I had enough miners to generate one block per day, I would earn a total of $.23 every 24 hours at 1% fee (going by market rate of Zcash ATM). Plus what I would earn as a miner, but it’s totally eclipsed by other “flock-to-me” pools. They started out with a business plan. I intend to stay small.

Yies, I miscalculated, ~$2.30