Zcash mining rig question

Hello, can one tell me whether I can use rig zcash coin cards. ???
I have windows 7 operating system.
And with which graphics cards one builds best and with which the most



you mean rigs(GPU) for mining zcash? Yes u can mine zcash with GPU;s

Its depends upon your choice, usually AMD RX series are considering better cards.

Yes, I mean graphic cards rig.

Which cards do you take best? And how is this all going to run. Which card has what performance? Can you tip me.

I mentioned that the RX series and R9 series of AMD products are considered better in performance and price as well.
I don't know much about the card performance ATM. Because i don't have any rig to running.

Zcash mining ri with RX470 Zcash mining on windows with Claymore miner v8 running at 1000sol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3M-K0hrh3Pw&feature=youtu.be