[Calculator] ZCash Mining Calculator-Google Spreadsheet

I was tired of constantly calculating my profits, since ZEC value was highly volatile in the past few days, in the end, made this calculator to solve my problems. It automatically updates all relevant data to profits, and remembers my solrate, so I can just open the sheet up, and view my estimated profit at that time.

Took about two hours to complete overall, figured I may as well share it since it's quite useful and would be a waste otherwise.

To use the sheet you need to head to File > Make a Copy first.

Please do note the calculations are merely estimates made in a completely fair world and can vary greatly depending on plain luck.

The calculator will work up till block #2530000, the third block reward halving(That makes block reward ~1.5ZEC)


If you find anything that can be improved, please feel free to tell me in a reply.
Will be adding comments to explain some of the values (my)tomorrow.

This also serves as a bump so there's more exposure, since mining rewards are affected by quite a few factors and some people are plain confused.

How would the formula change if hash/s was used instead of sol/s?

Sol/s is Equihash's h/s, in a way. ZEC Uses Equihash algorithm. Your miner should be telling you your speed in Sol/s anyways.

The pool im with states it in H/s

Hey, I updated @leroy627's calculator to autofill B6-B8 from the zchain api. Feel free to take a look and/or make a copy (you'll have to replace my values in green with yours)

Edit: seems the original link has been updated too

If you want to update the copy you already have, just copy and paste the three cells over

I already made the changes on my main copy (On my main account), couldn't copy it over since I made the changes on my phone. All updated now.

Just input that value as Sol/s, the pool probably got it wrong