Zcash NU5 delayed until Jan 2022

While this delay may be disappointing to hear it’s important to remember how complex Halo is and the challenges of getting major ecosystem players (exchanges, wallets, etc…) to adopt Unified Addresses and Shielded by Default.

It sounds like ECC is working behind the scenes to make sure the upgrade has wide support before pushing the NU.


Anyone know what the exciting campaigns are?

On your timeline it shows that the testnet activation is still set for end of month. The only thing that has changed then was the go live which will now go on Jan 17th. Is this correct?

If this is right it makes sense. When I was in the private sector, prod was always frozen the last 2 weeks of the year. Too many people are in holiday mode, deservingly so. It is just a mess going live at that time. Excellent decision making.