September 24, 2021 - weekly forum update

Hello Zcashers,

I hope all of you are doing well in your corners of the world. As usual, here is the latest roundup of updates fresh off the griddle.

Zcash updates:


  • Interviews
  • Test/Release of v4.5.0-rc1 and v4.5.0
  • Updated backend components for upcoming NU
  • Full zcash stack environment deployment onboarding complete (e.g. full node, lightwalletd, ios client)
  • Fixed Gitian build environment bugs
  • Standup and On-call rotation cohesion (e.g. optimize meetings and response awareness)


  • We released 4.5.0-rc1 and 4.5.0!!
    • Testnet activation height targeted at September 30th
  • Started the work to make our Orchard dependency stack reusable by hardware wallet vendors
  • Fixed a regression in wallet load testing (kudos to Marshall for catching it)
  • Merged part of the Halo 2 security proof into the public documentation
  • Finished reviewing the consensus rules for NU5 on testnet
  • Finished implementing ZIP 239
  • Modified Unified Addresses to support longer addresses and experimental typecodes


  • The Team Evolves! (continuously)
  • ECC Wallet Auto-shielding is now complete on Android (Kudos Carter!)
  • Android SDK:
    • Demo app compiles and works again
    • Improvements on initial Setup for new developers
    • Cleanup of old dependencies
    • Bugfixes on checkpoint loading code.
    • Gradle plugin updates and improvements

In the news, China’s central bank has declared all crypto transactions illegal. Bitcoin has subsequently dropped $2k in value. President Biden plans to nominate a crypto critic to lead the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. Twitter is playing with Bitcoin tipping and NFT verification.

Enjoy the weekend!