Zcash on Debian 10


I updated to Debian 10 (codename buster) shortly after it was released in July 2019.

Before that, Zcash (zcashd) was running fine on my Debian 9 computer. It hasn’t worked since.

I figured I would just wait a bit for the Zcash people to update their documentation but that never happened. The current documentation talks about Debian 8, released in 2015, which somewhat makes me think the Zcash devs have abandoned Zcash. The code isn’t even portable, so you’d think they’d at least have excellent support for Debian. Here’s the documentation, which isn’t even on the Zcash website:


What and where is the official documentation for installing and running Zcash on Debian 10?

Thank you.

I’m running zcashd on Debian 10, installed using the documentation you linked to. Please file a ticket explaining the precise symptoms of how it doesn’t work for you. (If you don’t have a GitHub account, posting here is fine.)