Zcash pool - zec.nanopool.org

Solved it by using the nheqminer from miningpoolhub pool , seems to work with any pool just gotta change the bat file.

In case you are still looking for a working cpu miner.

Thanks for the link, my cpu is about 2x faster than my 970 so…

For some reason the nanopool says that "commission 0%. Only public addresses (t-addr) are supported now". My Jaxx wallet is Nanopool | ZCash | Account and my kraken wallet is Nanopool | ZCash | Account aren´t they t-adress wallets and if they are, why is the pool pending on my shares?

We’ve fixed the nheqminer build to support CPU mining too. Binaries were
Looks like there are some bugs in the ZCash wallet, that makes it harder
and longer to confirm the transaction was sent properly. Like not returning
tx outs infirmation sometime. We are updating the paying system and fixing
payments view now.

Wow. never expected a quick answer. Thanks.

Any chance saraths build is compatible with Nanopool ?

Im having issues with your Nicehash 3a build on Linux

What does the “2 hours SMA” in the chart means?

Simple moving average

what is the exact time of the 4 payouts?

u might wanna check around about this i thought i read somewhere jaxx didnt support mining pool payouts yet
this coulda been an old article but just thought id share in case

I’m not sure how they could “support” or “not support” pool payouts. It’s
just a transaction from z-address to t-address.

@nanopool. My miners are still hashing and submitting shares, but website says last share was 40 min ago for all my miners. Just a front end glitch? Thanks!

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to me it sounded like their wallet has issue with lots of micro transactions
with future implementation for it
should prolly read about it

Yes, same problem with it. I can see all users have offline now.

Ok, making sure it wasn’t just me. Thanks!

@nanopool Now everyone is offline now. But mining (score hashrats in real time) is going well as clients. Is it just a problem of the web console? Can you include in those times?

@nanopool ya whats up here? shares submitting stil

answer would be nice
dont want to waste hash

Mine just updated…