Zcash price crashing?

Perhaps the XMR shilling has finally taken it’s toll.

Check out the number of XMR shills on this thread it’s unbelievable

The bias of XMR shills is always obvious. They never attack the math, which is what makes Z special. I remember them popping up on HN threads as well. They only ever inject persuasive words not mathematically-based arguments. Someone should tell them there’s room for multiple anoncoins :rage:.

Wow looking at that chart from a year ago - why didn't I invest back then! If you noticed from the chart everything that was over one dollar are still some of the big leaders. But as others have pointed out the Zcash quickly caught up in surpassed many. I think with all of the crypto currency is out on the market now people are going to have to get smarter on what each of them brings to the table that is different and special. Zcash obviously has the differentiation of much better anonymity. When I describe what Zcash is to folks who don't know very much about crypto currencies I described it as the TOR of crypto currencies (I know that isn't 100% accurate but it serves to get the point across).