Zcash Promotional Song & Music Video

Including the link to the Zcash Media video in the description also helps @HanuDixit. We don’t want users to learn about Zcash from random rants by Monero maxis :sweat_smile:

Can we get some collabs here @David_Heisenberg? The anthem video is on course to have more views than any of Zcash Media videos


Hanu, please invite them to the forums!!

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I say we fund round 2! :slight_smile:

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We definitely can make a raw acoustic version of the Zcash Anthem for people who enjoy more unplugged music feel!


Hey Guys!

We just crossed 100K Views On Zcash Anthem with 10K Likes, 315 comments and all your love. Can we take this to 200,000 now? I think we can, please keep supporting the video with your comments and likes. Race to 1 Million begins!

Yes, I have also added a link to Zcash Media Video and more in description so new users can learn more and more about it :slight_smile:


Awesome, great job!

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