ZCash-proxy: Personal ZCash/ZClassic Solo Mining Stratum / Pool Software

@drider, did you have any luck? Can you confirm the code works as advertised?

Only BTC and Monero accepted as payment. I am in community slack as specified in OP.

Hello…is it possible to put nicehash mining power to your stratum?

I never tried that, but it’s possible as long as their miners are compliant with stratum specification. AFAIK yes.

PM me if anyone is interested in going 1/2 on this? I have 1.05ksol/s available under current conditions.

ZogOS may have something similar built in. Just sayin’

You need 10,000-20,000 Sol/s to solo mine it.

There is no single smart miner in this world who will switch to this zogBS. Selling things to ignorants is prolly dirty business btw, I refused several buyers of my proxy just because they actually don’t need it.

Can you please observe the forum rules and try to be a little respectful to the OPEN SOURCE developers here. Go sell your stuff elsewhere.

I don’t need your permission ok?

Also available in http://chat.zcashcommunity.com since slack is a legacy communication channel.

Meanwhile in a solo scene

hmm still not free?:))

Of course, because I cancelled the idea of publishing due to a lot of questions like this.

How much do you ask now for your proxy?

All buyers received updates recently. Can mine to specified address in your cold storage so you need to keep only dumb wallet.dat required by daemon to run.

Of course both ZCash and ZClassic are supported.

Some real production usage:

Some pool work completed recently, separate project from zcash-proxy.

Binary public release for Linux https://github.com/sammy007/zcash-proxy

Published new release with devfee 2.0%.


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