ZCash-proxy: Personal ZCash/ZClassic Solo Mining Stratum / Pool Software

Binary public release for Linux with DevFee https://github.com/sammy007/zcash-proxy/releases.

Stratum feature list:

  • Your personal solo ZEC/ZCL/BTG stratum
  • Rigs availability monitoring
  • Keep track of accepts, rejects, blocks stats
  • Easy detection of sick rigs
  • Daemon failover list
  • JSON API with stats
  • Stratum compatible with official specification from draft ZIP
  • No external dependencies

Q: What miners supported?
A: Any miner like Claymore Miner, zcash-miner, zogminer, nhequiminer. In order to work with stratum mining software must support official stratum spec zips/draft1.rst at 77-zip-stratum · str4d/zips · GitHub

Q: Is there unlocked version without devfee?

A: Unlocked (without devfee) version is available to big and mid-range miners for 0.75 BTC per license.
I am selling binary builds for any platform (OSX/windows/Linux) with optional source code access for trusted clients. Unlocked version also includes ZEN support.

Pool feature list

  • Designed for ZEC, ZEN, ZCL, BTG
  • Compatible with all miners
  • PROP reward scheme

Q: How much for pool?

A: Pool is available for 1.5 BTC with source code.

So if you are big miner and like to mine solo in order to receive your coins only from blockchain, not from 3rd party centralized services you definitely will be interested in it. I am available in ZCash Community Chat.

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I would consider open sourcing it under MIT license after 15 BTC funding threshold will be reached.

What box you need for this or it can run on a workstation. How complicated is it

It’s easy to run, like ether-proxy. You just run it on one of workstation together with zcashd. Then configure miners to use it like a pool. The only difference that you will have reward only after block found.


zcash-proxy.exe config.json
zcash-miner -stratum=stratum+tcp:// -genproclimit=8 -equihashsolver=tromp

web interface is self-hosting by stratum. You need saying hundred of GPUs/CPU to mine solo.

OK any advantages I only got about 180 gpus 31 rigs in all plus my clients

Actually real possible solution/s rate for solo mining we will see after launch. Solo is possible with any rigs but bigger rigs will reduce your variance. If you can solo mine ethereum you can also solo mine ZCash.

plus my clients

There is no any accounting implemented since it’s personal solution. No way to distinguish from your rigs and clients rigs. Only if you will use separate instances of proxy with different daemons because coins rain to coinbase provided by daemon via GetBlockTemplate.

if your clients are not a bunch of miners with a single GPU/RIG, you can always deploy many proxies with many coin daemons on the same machine, we did this with Ethereum and it worked just great. For starters this is the best thing you will get on the market.

I am very interested VERY much actually but wondering how I will mine it as I do not have a fully function miner for my gpus

I hope it will be released eventually, lack of functional and unlocked GPU miner is a birth injury of this coin.

People wont make more money at the start it is slow start…they think there wont be a leak

As soon as I have a function GPU miner on Open CL I will talk you on your offer

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https://zcashminingrig.com/ I can resale your product if you want I am 2nd in Canada for mining zcash on google

highly interested. but only one miner, so i can not pay so much…

I can resale your product

No, thank you.

I am interested in the proxy, can demo me? or share some url so I can check features…

Features are the same as ether-proxy. But this stratum is for ZCash.

Open source licensing cancelled since everyone is wasting my time asking “when you will publish it”.

Desperately trying to find the private message button, highly interested in purchasing this.

Hi sammy007,
can i pay via paypal for the solo mining startum ?
How Much ?


@sammy007, I’m interested in purchasing. How do I go about it?