Zcash release date


The github milestones states that the zcash is due to launch on 5th September.

Since some of the development goals are a bit behind I wanted to ask what sort of dealy should we expect ? Days, weeks or months?

This is crucial for me as I want to join the miners and need to arrange many things beforehand in order to do so.

Could you please give any approximate estimate or range of the possible delay ?

Many thanks :slight_smile:


I also would really like to here an answer on this matter.


I don't think you'll get a much better answer than they expect to launch on the 5th of September.

It's worth keeping in mind that there will be a three week long "slow start" of reduced mining rewards so even if you are not ready by Sept. 5th, you will still have some time to get your mining system up and going.


People want to be the first for biggest profit is my guess, these questions usually come from greed.

Looking forward to a fair mining reward distribution!


The slow start is 5000 10-minute blocks (or 20,000 2.5-minute blocks), so it will be closer to 5 weeks in total. But yeah, 3 weeks where the rewards are significantly lower than peak.


I think the slow start is a fantastic idea, gives us all time to prepare and get properly configured.


It seems the launch date keep getting delayed. First it was July, then 5th of September and now 26th. Also, i've never seen a single milestone completed on-time. The progress is a bit alarming, isn't it? I just hope on September we won't have to see the launch date being pushed further to November or December.


So long as progress continues and the people responsible for it are transparent about their work and the issues faced by this project, the rest of us have nothing to worry about.


That's common for tech projects. It's nothing to be alarmed about.

It's more important that they get things done right than to get them done on time.


Hi .When I can buy some Zcash on any exchange?
Date pls.


Sometime after OCT 28


New here, but is the Launch date still scheduled for September 26th?


Release date has been changed to October 28th.


Alright, thanks for the update! That gives me a bit more time to prepare for the launch then. :slight_smile:


I was just curious. I just started mining on the test net.
What will be required to switch from test net to real mining on launch day? Thanks