Starting Time of Zcash Launch?

Apologies is this is answered elsewhere, but what time is the launch planned for? I know it is set on go live October 28th (Friday) but what time of the day and timezone? Midnight UTC? EST, PST, etc.


Good question. I want to know as well.

im curious also anyone know?

I want to know also, what is the start time and time zone? is zooko going to do a countdown on the front page… cause if he isn’t would be a good idea to do so.

Can someone guess what solver going to be final on 28th Oct. Do anyone here believe that GPU solver will surely be out?
is premature to invest in buying hardware required for mining rig or still we need to wait a lil bit. so have your say

Thanks for the reply but the first link is for the open miner contest cutoff, which may or may not correspond with the actual launch time of Zcash.

The countdown timer you linked is to a non-official site that is simply counting down to midnight UTC on October 28. So far we all assume this will be the launch time, but without an official announcement it is all just speculation for now.

I believe myself and many others would appreciate an offical definitive answer on this, as we are all very excited to see Zcash finally launched and many of us want to adjust our schedules so that we are online and ready at the right time.

I don’t think it matters much, as it will take roughly 8.68 days ± 25% to actually hit a full block reward.


Wow, where are you getting that figure from?

So before anyone gets a single zec it will take 8 days of mining?

No before we get a full 12.5ZEC Block (10 for the miner). 5000 Blocks until full reward.

So Far with 5 sol/s would take how much time to mine a complete block? is there any fair calculation in this regard?

Impossible to calculate right now…

right now network hash rate is around 12000 hash/s and keeping in view block time and your hash rate can we still we find or simply NO?



What’s it before then? (Thanks for the info)

It starts from 0 and goes 0.01-0.02-0.03 or something like that (each block)

Whomever mines the first block after genesis is going to be happysad.

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It’s actually longer than that, when they changed from 50 ZEC every 10 minutes down to 12.5 ZEC reward every 2.5 minutes, they had to multiply the other factors by 4 to keep everything the same. So its a slow start from 0 to 12.5 over a period of 20,000 blocks, which would be ~34 days. Of course with the amount of hash-rate lined up, it will probably be somewhat shorter than this.

Anyway, back to the main topic, an exact time for the planned launch please. :wink:


I also would like to know exactly what time is programed the launch of zcash mainnet!.

Same question here [goddamn 20 chars]

Just point your miners at a pool and wait for the pool to make the switch to mainnet.