Zcash withdrawal from Kraken not showing up in my Zcash MAC wallet

Hey guys, I just withdrew some zCash from my Kraken account onto my Zcash wallet on my mac. I downloaded the wallet from the official zcash website and it says that the transaction was “successfull” in my Kraken account.

Also, when I check the transaction on Zchain, I see that the adress I sent my coins to are actually there, however the coins do not show up in my wallet. The transaction took place around 2 hours ago. Do i just need to wait a little longer or does anyone have any idea what the problem could be?


EDIT: could it be possible that its still taking time because my wallet hasnt fully synchronized to the updated blockchain yet? It says 9.72% of the blockchain is synchronized up to Dec 9,2016

You have answered your question yourself.

(Wait till your wallet is synchronised 100%)

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Thanks alot! :wink: Btw, does the CPU always go this crazy simply because im openly running the wallet, or is it because its just synchronizing all the old data right now?

its because it is syncing