Problems with the transfer to the wallet

01/14/2018 I at 12:39 exchanged my money for the tokens, but by 17:58 my wallet is still empty, the wallet number and the link to the transaction are attachedФХднНЯРТ

Why does the transaction take so long and the tokens are credited to my local wallet t1UEGb9eMBQoLTxFpMqo14g2wk4FHdhnQRT?

Need more info.

Which wallet are you using?
Is your wallet 100% synced?
I’ve noticed that your link goes to what looks like an incorrect address. Here is the link to the correct address:

I download zcash4mac wallet on yours site, install on my mac, go in page own address, and in this page i look my confirmed address with balance 0,00 number of wallet t1UEGb9eMBQoLTxFpMqo14g2wk4FHdhnQRT

What can i doing?

You didn’t answer the second question. Is your wallet 100% synced?

Take a look through this thread:

I think yes my wallet 100% synced because i get private key for this wallet

And i download wallet in this page, is this correct wallet, not a scam?

I can give you screenshot for my mac,if this wallet gave me incorrect address i don’t know what can i doing(

The wallet is not a scam. However, you need to make sure you’re 100% synced. You would know by simply looking down in the right hand corner of the wallet.

i look that picture, maybe in right corner should be write 100% you talk about this?

You need to wait until it’s synced 100%.

There is another good SS for a wallet that isn’t synced for your common Q and A!

What about you talking?:roll_eyes:

It’s normal that my computer don’t be synced when i start at 11:00 pm, and now 08:08 am? Now 67%

considering that you have never 100% synced with the blockchain, yes