Zcash / Zclassic Mining Pool Hub - Auto switching, auto exchange enabled

Well every user can join the auto exchange feature from the website.
You cann see the auto exchange setting page if you sign in.

As soon as ZEC blocks are found and confirmation is fulfilled, pool send these coins to the highest bid exchange automatically. Pool exchange them to desired coin (what user selected at first), withdraw, and credit to target pool.

So, you mine at ZEC mining pool hub, but you can withdraw them from Bitcoin mining pool hub in BTC.

This was actually intended for auto switching feature, like multipools mining several coins.
Many miners are using this feature for their longer investment.
Many of them mine the most profitable coin like ZEC and get coins into BTC, ETH, or DASH currently.

That sounds really cool, something similar to what nicehash does - get paid in bitcoin directly etc. I want to be directly paid in BTC for now. Okay i will look into switching now since you have lower fees (1%) than nicehash has (3%) correct?

Quick question if I select my account’s auto exchange to Bitcoin, do i need to put in a BTC address in the start.bat file or do i need to put in a ZEC address for genoil’s ZEC miner?

I understand the concept of auto exchange, but I’m not sure how to go around setting it up correctly.

  • Currently 0% Fee for ZEC mining (0.9% Fee after the zero fee event)
  • 0.2% auto exchange fee

So, 0.2% auto exchange fee today, but 1.1% fee from tomorrow.

username.workername is needed to mine at miningpoolhub.

Set BTC address at https://bitcoin.miningpoolhub.com Edit page.
It will be easy to configure.

You can also set ETH address at ethereum pool, and paid in ETH. Same goes to most of other coin pools.

Thank you so much for your help. I think I was able to figure it out.

Looks like you have a botnet hashing at your pool.

Seems like nicehash rental miner.

I haven’t seen the previous message.
Happy to hear it.anyway.


Just one tip

We provide txid for withdrawals at Transactions page.
( At first, txid column is empty but it will be filled when send operation is done )

You can track transactions by txid at https://explorer.zcha.in/
That site may have some delay but usually it works.


I deleted it because I was able to set up the auto exchange correctly as per your instructions after trying a bit! I had asked for help in that deleted msg. Anyway, so far it seems good.

H/s = Sol/s in the dashboard right?

80% of your hash power is from one user. Is that legit? I’ll come back when that dbag leaves.

edit: Looks like he left but 400Mhs is BS.

is that bad for a small miner?

It’s good.
It makes expected earning deviation lower.

Seems like he’s just rental miner.
We need more big miners to lower the earning deviation.

Yeah H/S = Sol/s in dashboard.

Is your payment system in rubbles? I have not received anything for the past hour or so.

I am mining at 200 h/s and have nothing in my wallet. That is what I meant.

Pool have not found ZEC block for about 7 hours.
Very bad luck today.

Oh wow:/ bad first day to start mining zec directly lol