zcash4win daemon is taking longer than expected to start

zcash4win daemon is taking longer than expected to start
When you start the wallet to get such an inscription. Did everything I could. Updated the wallet, reinstalled, deleted… Anyway after you start getting the sign and everything. Installed wallet on another computer. Launched wallet. He began to update data and to 99.98% of the issued error. After starting the wallet again the error zcash4win daemon is taking longer than expected to start. I hope for Your help!

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i have same problem my wallet is not start is taking longer time is been doing that for 2 days…

Hi guys. Try this… Go to C:\Users\your_user_name\AppData\Roaming\Zcash
When “your_user_name” is the user name that is active.
Once in Zcash folder delete the following (only this) :

  • block folder
  • chainstate folder
  • .lock file

Then restart the wallet. Must be patient since must to load all entire blockchain again. But this work for me at this time.

please see this post - REQUIRED config change for zcash4win 1.0.12

I apologize for my English. I hope my explanation is clear and useful. What
you need to do to run wallet? 1. It is necessary in properties of windows
Explorer to show hidden files and folders. Otherwise it is impossible to do
the point 2. Item 2: Navigate to SEK your user\appdata\roaming\zcash for
In this folder you will find the zcash for the file.conf In this file you
add a line disabledeprecation = 1.0.12 Is described here
https://twitter.com/radix42/status/959075917044658176 I Hope that helped.

I do that… but don’t work.