Zcash4win "daemon is taking longer than expected to start

Hello everyone
Please help

zcash4win doesn’t start.
When I open it it says
"daemon is taking longer than expected to start…
and numbers 1, 2, 3 , 4, … 1456839…
reinstaling doen’t work
I install zcash4win on different pc and it’s work
but when I move my wallet from appdata
the same error

Please help
i need to take back my wallet

Thank you

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I have the same problem… :frowning:

Had the same exact issue tonight uninstalled version 1.0.11 installed 1.0.12 problem gone…

same problem today. need to update

Same problem. I tried all what is commented in this forum. I have a backup of wallet.dat and peers.dat (among all the files inside the zcash and zcashparam folders). I deleted all files in zcash folder, except for wallet.dat and peers.dat, syncronized the blockchain from the beggining, reached 100%, and balance is still 0 after 4 days. I did import the private keys (used the backed up ones), succesfully, and nothing changed (balance is still 0). What else can I do? Help please, I have 1.2 ZEC in this wallet.

Did you found any solution?

uninstall 1.0.11 and install 1.0.12 problem should gone.

check your anti virus program as they may block the new version v1.0.12 install or execute…

Already tried that … nothing changed. Is it mandatory to recover the wallet in the same PC?

your anti virus program excluded the zcash4win wallet directory or not?
e.g. avast will remove the zcashd.exe file auto… so it will make the daemon not start.

you can do a test.
1.) download zcash4win new version from official website (MUST from official website)
2.) disable the anti virus program 10 minute
3.) install the v1.0.12
4.) run the program
5.) if problem gone, then it is your anti virus removed the zcashd.exe issue.

I don’t even have antivirus

check c:\program files\zcash4win\app\zcashd.exe
this file exist there or not.

if not, then it is removed by windows defender, same issue.

if you have installed new version and zcashd.exe exist…

sorry… I can’t help…

(french user / poor english :))

It become with a Windows10 upgrade.
I deactivate the win10 update, but one of it pass thrue and i get a screen from M$ saying check configuration. I stop it, but I think that windows does the update.
Since that, I get the message from Zcash4win: daemon is taking longer than expected to start.
I try to erase all blockchain data. Zcash reload it properly, then I get the same message !

Thx M$…

I stil looking for a solution.

Help please !

It works when the blockchain loading until approximatly 95% blackchain loading.

Same issue here - started 2 or 3 days ago. Is it definitely a Windows10 update causing the problem?

Any advice on how to fix appreciated!

v1.0.12 sorted it out. Uninstall 11, load up 12 - didn’t even have to use a backup file.

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I tried to install the new 12 version of the wallet.
But the antivirus program says it has a malware inside, and automatically deletes Zcashd app.
I could force it to ignore the problem, but should I? Am I risking to install a virus or some other danger?

Virustotal checked without problem, should be OK

Same issue. New version does not fix it.

Multiple computers affected.

I have the same issue. At first when i installed the new version it worked but in these 2 days its just not working and saying daemon is taking longer then expected to start and it can run hole day:(