Zcash4win sync issue

I’ve been mining zcash for past 3 days, no issues connecting using zcash4win GUI wallet but balance is showing zero. I read the forum and from what I understand that I need to wait to fully sync to 100% in order see my balance on the wallet. By the way I am getting payouts from flypool so there is no issue on that end.

Sync progress dialog section reads “Blockchain synchronized 45.82% - up to May 4, 2017 - Connections 8”

Can anyone help me find out why it’s not synching? Also are there other wallet options that will be used instead of zcash4win?

System: Windows10 Home 64-bit - 8gigs RAM - 7th gen IntelG4400

How long has it been syncing? It can take quite a while. Especially around the time it’s syncing transaction (May) as there was a large increase in users around that time. I’ve had wallets take several hours to days to sync.

It’s been synching past 3 days… actually stuck on 45% since first time I launched the wallet 3 days ago. (It synched 45% from day one and stuck there)

I’m currently mining while I’m waiting for it to sync 100% so my question is should I stop mining?? I don’t know if I stop mining that will help synching process?

Ok here is another question and hopefully someone can answer…

It is day 4 since I started mining zcash and zcash4win wallet balance showing zero. It is stuck on synching at 45%. Flypool is showing total 4 payouts. Is there another way I can transfer/claim Flypool payouts to another wallet without losing them??

Also if my zcash4win wallet ever finishes synching do I get my old payouts from flypool?

You’ve already had them sent to that wallet so no. You need to sync the wallet. If it’s been trying to sync for 4 days, start over. There are instructions in the official zcash4win thread:

One thing you can try is to backup your wallet.dat file, uninstall then reinstall zcash4win and copy your wallet file back over before starting the wallet again. If that doesn’t work, you may have to manually run the daemon and wait until it fully syncs before running the wallet.