ZCASH4WIN - not showing the balance

I am new to Zcash have installed ZCASH4WIN and have been mining for a day with optiminer-zcash-win on Fly pool with my t-address but for some reason wallet balance Z+T shows ZERO and I verified on https://explorer.zcha.in/ using my t-address t1gmWzYpsJvUMibeDNoL6Jcx3M9ZTgnGKGu I get the message “Page not found. If you entered a search query, make sure it was a valid account address (t-address), transaction hash, or block hash.”

Please help me on this it looks like I have been mining but the money is not coming into my wallet. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You.

Below is what you have mined and is in your flypool wallet. Until you reach 0.01 Flypool does not do an auto payout
Also see the common questions and answers below the screen shot